Saving lives with diagnosis on time

This project favors the access to an opportune attention for cancer on children and adults in Colombia



Our story

This project favors access to an opportune attention for cancer on children and adults in Colombia. It is focused on the acquisition of better equipment that allows having an anticipated diagnosis and, in that way, bring a better possibility for patients to survive against cancerous and precancerous lesions. The project also will help to pay the devices that make easier the proper attention for pediatric and adult patients. 

The OMS affirms that every two seconds, someone between 30 and 70 years old, dies about cancer diseases. Currently, in Colombia there are around 71.000 new cancer cases, from those, almost 2.200 are children. The access to quick detection of cancerous lesions is limited due to the poor access to healthcare services. Gastric cancer is the leading cause of death in Colombia due to neoplasm. There is a low rate of detection with the current screening methods.
Cancerous lesions have a high probability to be healed if they are diagnosed opportunely,  is for that reason that is required to have technology that allows us to realize an opportune diagnosis to impact the mortality related to cancer in Colombia. The acquisition of new equipment will bring the opportunity of giving a timely and successful treatment for cancerous lesions on patients, promoting with it the wellbeing of patients of all ages.

In the long term, this project looks to impact the high rates of mortality related to gastric cancer. There is an estimate that during the first year it will bring timely access to diagnose this sickness for more than 1.500 patients, achieving with it a better survival for these patients. Having the appropriate technology for diagnosis of this kind of disease promotes the wellbeing of all those people.