Scholarship for a more inclusive world!

Supporting Roberto with a 1-year scholarship to continue his job training within our association.

Formación Laboral San José AC

Children and Youth

Our story

Roberto is an associated from Formación Laboral San
José A.C. belongs to our project because before, a company hired him in the
gardening area but unfortunately that company changed its location to a
building where they do not have a garden and had to leave the job and its
source of income. For this reason, Roberto’s tutors decided to put
him into our program so that he can train in another area and the company can
rehire him, but the payment of materials for his training is increasingly out
of his financial possibilities.
Having an intellectual disability, Roberto has
difficulties in accessing a competitive job, which makes it difficult to
include and participate in the labor market, his economic independence, an
independent life, self-confidence and the development of his skills.
With this campaign we look for a 100%
scholarship to Roberto for a year so that he does not interrupt his job
training, and once this process is completed he is included in the employment
world with a job.

People with Intellectual disabilities have
difficulty accessing competitive employment, which hinders their social and
labor inclusión and participation, economic Independence, and independent life,
self-confidence and develop their skills. Studies hace explorer factors that hinder
access to employment for this group ir practically nonexistent. In this paper
we analyze whether are differences.


Formación Laboral 
San José is a nonprofit organization that has been growing steadily for the
past four years; We were created officially on november 28th 2013. We started
researching and working the model two years before.

We are a NGO that provides opportunities and
support young people with intellectual disabilities, through a comprehensive
training program, to include them in the workplace. Our mission is to train
them and help them to get a work.

How do we do it?

  1. Integral Training:
We contribute to the development of adaptive skills and competencies necessary
to achieve their participation in society through their work
  2. Academic Orientation: 
We provide the opportunity to participate in real work practice situations, at
the same time we guide companies in hiring our associates.
  3. Support and constant advice:
We provide training and information resources that lead to the achievement of
your goals; as well as, we follow up with our associates that achieve labor


Our mission is the
labor inclusion of individuals with intellectual disabilities, our programs are
designed and sometime modified to achieve it, and we´re always looking for ways
to do it in the most efficient, responsible and sustainable way. Providing our
clients and beneficiaries with tools for their independence, care, social
participation and self-fulfillment


Improve the quality of life of people with intelectual 
disabilities, from mild to moderate, through comprehensive training for their
labor inclusión.

Training Areas:

We are vocational
center for people with intellectual disabilities seeking to gain technical
skills that will help them get a meaningful job and improve their

Some of the
training workshops that we offer are:

  • Culinary Arts
Office Assistant
Commerce and industry
Hospitality and Service

We invite you to learn more about us and our program on our website





Éxito! Excelente labor.

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