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Do heavier objects fall faster? Where does matter go in a chemical change?

Our students learned the answers to these questions (and more!) this year in science class. With hands-on labs, they discovered new ways to understand science principles and the world around them.

According to the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, Hispanic students are not sufficiently exposed to STEM subjects before college, which causes them to be ill-prepared for the millions of available STEM jobs available (nearly 6 million in 2013 alone).

You can ensure our students are fully equipped for their science labs, and together we can close the gap in both achievement and opportunity.

Science answers questions. Science broadens horizons. Science provides careers.


Why it matters?

Problem: The Achievement Gap

Latinos make up only about 2% of the STEM economy—a sector expected to have over 5 million openings by the time our students graduate high school and college and not enough qualified applicants. Only about half of low-income and Latino male students meet basic grade level standards for math and reading. These students experience a similarly dismal likelihood of graduating from high school—making some of the most stable careers (STEM jobs) inaccessible to these students.

The Opportunity:

San Miguel School provides low-income and at-risk middle school students in the DC metro area with an education that changes the lives—not only the lives of its students, but also their families. Our model is a proven success: 100% of students test on grade level in reading and math by 8th grade graduation; 100% of 8th graders are accepted in the area’s top college-preparatory high school programs. Their preparation at San Miguel pays off with a 100% high school graduation rate in a city where only 53% of those living in poverty will graduate.


With your help, we can equip our students with the skills necessary to secure these science-based jobs and instill the confidence needed for them to pursue these stable, well-paying careers. In order to do that successfully, it is critical have access to these laboratory skills and these concepts before they reach high school—not only for the practical experience and exposure to possibilities, but also to spark their enthusiasm in time to plan their high school courses and seek out further STEM opportunities.


How will the funds be used?

The funds will cover the purchase of electronic balances for our science lab.  These balances are needed to make more precise measurements in Chemistry as the students investigate the Law of Conservation of Mass and study chemical changes.

Those who join us in our mission to close the achievement gap in education will receive a note from one of our budding scientists sharing his zeal for science and his newly acquired knowledge from his hands-on lab.

Donate and transform a life! Set an at-risk, low-income student on a path towards a sustainable career and inspire in him a life-long love of science.

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