Self-construction of community children’s dining room in Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero

Combat children’s vulnerability with the construction of a canteen for the “W’aa Yocanchu Ncue” elementary school.


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Our story

Why is the project important?


After attending to the emergency during the first three years of the Habitat Integral and Social Reconstruction Project in the Montaña de Guerrero after the storms Ingrid and Manuel, we are currently focused on reducing the vulnerability of the communities. By promoting systems reinforced and adapted to the climatic and geological conditions of the communities, which take up the traditional constructive culture.

The project for the construction of a children’s canteen is part of an initiative of the school community at the primary school “W’aa Yocanchu Ncue” (which in ñomndaa means House of the Amuzgos children).

This school is in the Municipality of Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero, one of the states with the highest marginalization index in the country where one of the main challenges is to improve the quality of education, paying special attention to covering the most basic needs such as food for the boys and girls of the region. The construction of the children’s canteen responds to the need to rebuild a space that currently does not have the adequate conditions for the full development of the activities of the boys and girls of the community, nor does it have safe living conditions.


What are we specifically going to do?

We are going to carry out the construction of a community children’s dining room in Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero. It will be built with local and natural materials, recovering the traditional construction techniques of the region, employing and training local inhabitants, which will contribute to the economy of the locality, and will increase the constructive capacities of the builders and inhabitants, as they acquire knowledge about constructive reinforcement technology. The space will be equipped with furniture so that boys and girls can receive food daily and in total comfort. In turn, the dining room will be enabled to be used for community meetings.

What do we hope to achieve? 

With the achievement of this project, we hope to ensure a space with the appropriate conditions to prepare and serve food for boys and girls, which, in turn, will contribute to preserving traditional knowledge by using local materials in its construction, since the construction system used will be adobe. We also hope to benefit local tile producers and some parents who carry out related trades such as masonry or carpentry. This contributes to strengthening community cohesion and a new relationship with the environment. Sensitizing children from an early age on the importance of community management actions and care for the environment. Through this center, we can ensure that the school community belonging to the Ñomndaa culture, made up of 64 boys and girls between 5 and 12 years old, 3 teachers and 36 parents have an adequate space with staff to provide food and hold community meetings.

Currently, within the area there are no public programs or resources that contribute to the construction of dining rooms in spaces within state schools, so most of the efforts to improve the school come from the same communities that have resources. very limited and no technical assistance.

Your contributions will go entirely to the workforce and the purchase of construction materials and furniture that are necessary for the operation, and to make this space a reality. 

About us

We are Community Cooperation A.C., a non-profit civil association. Our mission is to improve habitability conditions and reduce the vulnerability of rural communities in Mexico, by strengthening their constructive and productive capacities, to facilitate self-management from the sociocultural, environmental, territorial and economic spheres; preserving and recovering traditional knowledge.

Through formative-participative processes with the native communities, in production and social management of the habitat, the relationship of the inhabitant with their territory is strengthened, the sustainable use of common goods supporting the traditional knowledge of the communities and promoting their intergenerational transfer.

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