Help immigrants in detention secure their freedom so that they can be reunited with their loved ones for the holidays.

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Brown and black men in immigration custody are often overlooked. Images of adult men in prison jumpsuits don’t tend to pull at the heartstrings of our country, but we encourage you to remember that these men are fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers and their absence is incredibly harmful to their families, in particular, to their children.


Many of the individuals we work with in immigration custody have contributed to the strength of the U.S. for decades but find themselves in incarcerated after an arrest while driving their children to school or soccer practice simply because they do not have proper documentation. Others have recently arrived here in the U.S. seeking protection from horrific persecution by governments in their home countries and have done everything they can to honor U.S. laws by presenting themselves to U.S. officials at the U.S. border and lawfully requesting protection through our asylum laws. 


Help us represent and reunite families

For longtime immigrant community members, having an attorney is the factor that determines whether they get to rejoin their families at the dinner table, return to work, and reintegrate into their neighborhoods and communities


Together with your support, we will provide direct legal representation for immigrants held in ICE Custody seeking release through bond or parole so that they can be reunited with their families while lawfully applying for legal status in the U.S.


How do we know this will work?

Immigrants held in detention are significantly less likely to access legal representation. Yet, statistics show that immigrants represented by counsel are:

  • Four times more likely to be released from immigration custody.
  • Twice as likely to ultimately obtain immigration relief from deportation.


Who are we?

The American Bar Association’s Immigration Justice Project (IJP) seeks to improve public awareness of the legal system, to promote the administration of justice, and to deliver high-quality legal services. IJP’s goals are specifically targeted toward promoting due process and access to justice at all levels of the immigration and appellate court systems through the provision of high-quality legal services to individuals navigating immigration legal proceedings in the San Diego, California border region.


We also welcome non-monetary contributions. You can help us with the gift of volunteer service as an interpreter or translator if you speak another language, as a pro bono attorney (for direct representation), as a pro bono doctor (for psychological evaluations), or as a housing sponsor (providing very temporary room and board, e.g. 1-5 days) to support asylum seekers release from custody.



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Dear Adele Good luck with your project! So important. Happy holidays . Harvey


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For your support to Julio and Fredys


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Broken families lead to broken people and a broken world. May all loved ones be reunited ❤️


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Keep up the amazing work, IJP staff!


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