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Our Story When a natural disaster strikes society is often crippled overnight left without power or means of communication to the outside world. Natural disasters have become increasingly stronger and more frequent ultimately caused by the negative effects of climate change and they do not discriminate. In some cases the blow is short lived and manageable but in others it can take months to gain back the essential resources most of us have grown dependent on.


Power, Communications and Refrigeration are three elements engrained in our lives. Our “Solar Powered Survival Kit” covers all 3 of these needs by offering solar power and back up battery storage to power cell phones, laptops, fans and power tools, a Wi-Fi router that connects to Wi-Fi even when all signals are non existent and a refrigerator chest that offers ample refrigeration for any medical needs, baby’s milk or other temp sensitive critical items.


Why us? Our team has experienced first hand the ravishing effects of hurricanes in varying degrees. Our founder was displaced from her home in a suburb in New York for over 4 months during Superstorm Sandy. At the time she and her husband were executives for one of the largest construction firms in the world but even with so many resources at their fingertips nothing could hold back the ocean from entering their home, destroying their vehicles and ultimately leaving them helpless for days with no means to communicate or get help. This was an aha moment for the experienced solar expert, civil engineer and Climate Reality leader but it took a number more years to come up with the ultimate solar survival solution. The team has a combined three decades of experience working both with solar and telecommunications technology and have expertise in operations management, corporate strategy development and community building. After hurricane Irma struck and hit home quite literally the team formed, pooled their knowledge and resources and in a very organic process built out the solar survival solution. With a proven solution that is both affordable and easy to implement the team felt compelled to act. Immediately going in to production mode and sending the first kits to Puerto Rico. “This is our calling and we are responding!”


Yes – we have a goal and a feasible plan to execute on! We have pin pointed a series of communal shared centers across Puerto Rico with a focus on the areas hit hardest by hurricane Maria. We have targeted a series of facilities ranging from shelters, community centers, schools, soup kitchens, medical facilities, orphanages and places of worship to bring our solar relief. While it is quite unimaginable, these towns and city’s are still without power and reliable communication. Our solar survival kits are pre-wired and easy to install and within hours can provide relief both as a stop gap or a long-term solution. As long as the sun rises everyday our kits will be useful and dependable. Even when the power is restored it has become increasingly obvious that back up measures must be in place so no one suffers unnecessarily when the next disaster strikes.


So why does it matter? Each center we light up will bring immediate relief to the people it touches. We can count the number of lives we impact quite literally. This isn’t an abstract form of giving. Your donations will go directly toward solar survival kits. But there is more… This project has an everlasting giving effect! In addition to providing direct relief we will essentially be demonstrating on a real-life stage how solar is the appropriate solution that will fix immediate problems while solving the overarching larger scale problem and ultimate cause of the powerful hurricane to begin with – climate change.


Why should you trust us? With a track record of advocacy, education and team building in the solar industry for a dozen years and an additional two dozen in telecommunications, ground logistics and project management we have what it takes to get this job done. All funds will go directly to purchasing the equipment components needed to assemble the kits, crating, shipping, and distribution with minimal labor for installation and overhead. The funds will always go toward the kits. If we don’t meet our goal we will light up less centers but all the money will be spent toward providing power back to the people. We are not an all or nothing.

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Other ways people can help: This is a time for all hands on deck. We realize not everyone is in a position to donate monetarily there are so many ways to get involved and we welcome it all. – You can help by getting out the word – Please share our campaign on social media using the hashtags #SolarSurvival #HIPGive – If you are in Puerto Rico or have direct ties and would like to become a official campaign ambassador please reach out to [email protected]



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