Solidarity in the distance – A day of food is one more day on foot

Solidarity in the distance – A day of food is one more day on foot

Fundación Mujer del Nuevo Milenio - Fundamil


Our story

Our continuous work is for the well-being of women and their children, but today, we are in a situation where entire families require our support, today, in the midst of a global crisis, we can deliver food to families that do not have it, a food that they will appreciate as much as staying alive.

But in order to continue doing this, we need your help and that of all the people who are willing to contribute to get ahead as a society and as a planet. We already realized that not only borders or racial differences or gender diversity matters, we realized that helping is from everyone to everybody.

Our job right now is to deliver markets to families who do not have enough resources to feed themselves and that thanks to the collaboration of human beings interested in seeing the world smile, we can do it.

Fundamil has already managed to establish a value chain through which we can: get the food of greatest need, organize it by families and distribute it appropriately to low-income people in the cities of Bogotá and Medellín. We are already doing it and we will continue to do so, doing our part as we have been doing for more than 20 years.

Our specific mission for this donation campaign will be to generate markets for vulnerable families specifically for a group of Afro-descendant women who have been expelled from their regions by narco-political groups even before the pandemic and who at this moment cry out for help.

We want to give this joint effort between you and us.

Thank you.





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