Solidarity with Radio Progreso Honduras

Dear Friends, help us achieve this mission and support Radio Progreso in Honduras in their struggle against injustice.

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Civic Participation

Our story

Objective of the day:

  1. Raise funds for the purchase of a Sound Equipment, with which we will continue to animate and accompany the expressions of struggle and village festivities.
  2. Motivate communities, friendly organizations and all our faithful audience nationally and internationally, be part of the Solidarity Network: Your voice and my voice and that La Progreso continues to be the voice that announces and denounces.


Our goal is to raise Lps. 250 thousand lempiras ($ 10 thousand)

We motivate communities, friendly organizations and all our faithful audience, at a national and international level to carry out their collections by June 15, as a gesture of solidarity with “The voice that is with you”.