Sponsor a home – SOS Children’s Villages in Dominican Republic

To cover basic needs (education, health, food, etc.) of children who have lost their parental care.

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In the case of the sponsorship of SOS Dominican Children’s Villages, it is about covering the basic needs (health, education, nutrition, etc.) of the children and adolescents who reside in the programs of residential care. The financing options include the total or partial coverage of services for the houses where the children and adolescents of the different programs of SOS Children’s Villages reside. You can choose to sponsor one or several houses, or one or several items (needs), for a year or a fraction, guaranteeing coverage for all children and adolescents residing in said houses for the duration of the sponsorship. .

Basic direct services are offered to cover the basic needs of children and adolescents, ensure their survival and development and that their rights are respected. They are given within the host families, led by Aunts and SOS Mothers who promote development, guarantee rights and build a lasting bond with those children and adolescents who have already lost their parent’s or family’s total or temporary care. origin.


Objective To guarantee the coverage of services for children and adolescents of SOS Children’s Villages in the form of residential care.

Results 36 Houses have their expenses covered for basic needs of children and adolescents

Beneficiaries 389 children and adolescents who have lost parental care

Location Santo Domingo (Los Jardines), Santo Domingo Este (Los Mina) and Santiago de los Caballeros (Los Cocos de Jacagua).


Program Number of houses

Santo Domingo East -The Mina 12

Santo Domingo – The Gardens 12

Santiago de los Caballeros – Los Cocos de Jacagua 12

Total 36


Budget for houses and needs category

Category Cost for 1 house per year

Food $ 7,761 dollars