Spotlight on Unaccompanied Children

Support minors who suffered targeted violence in their home countries and decided to migrate alone to the United States.

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

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Let’s put the spotlight on unaccompanied minors!

There are currently not enough low-fee attorneys to meet the needs of the growing numbers of unaccompanied children seeking legal services in the U.S. Many unaccompanied children have experiences multiple layers of violence, discrimination and trauma due to being LGBTQ+, indigenous, or survivors of sexual violence. Many of them have never met with a lawyer and have no access to legal representation during court hearings. Youth without representation, are far more likely to be deported.


EBSC helps youth to apply for asylum or other legal status that will help them to stay in the U.S legally. We offer interpretation in the young person’s native language and accompany them throughout the legal process.  EBSC also mentors pro bono attorneys to provide these services. EBSC collaborates with local mental health organizations to offer counseling, social connection and stability. We are also beginning to offer art-based storytelling workshops for youth as a way to jump start their healing process and share their stories in a safe way.


Funds will allow us to expand our work with unaccompanied minors so we can reach more young people in need of legal an social support.


We believe that any donation can be an important contribution to support these unaccompanied children and youth. Therefore, we invite you to contribute $10, $25, $50 or more. If you donate $200 or more, you will receive an EBSC T-shirt! Please make sure to include your email so we can contact you and send you a t-shirt.

About our organization:

Founded in 1982, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant provides legal services, community organizing, and transformative education to support low-income immigrants and people fleeing violence and persecution.