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Your support is critical to organizations directly serving the children, families, and individuals who have been severely impacted by damaging immigration policies.

Donate today to help the most vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers receive immediate and long-term support from organizations like those we’ve listed below.

  • Cristosal – Accompanies forced displacement victims in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala to provide protection when they need it most, repair the lingering effects of human rights violations, and build human rights environments where peace is possible. San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migración (IMUMI) – Promotes the rights of women in migration within the Mexican context, whether they live in their communities of origin, are in transit through Mexican territory, or live in Mexico or the United States. Mexico City, Mexico
  • Catholic Legal Immigration Network, INC (CLINIC) – Supports children and families with legal services and transportation as they navigate the immigration and asylum-seeking process. CLINIC also refers clients to necessary mental and physical health services. Multiple locations, United States
  • Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Matías de Córdova – Promotes, shares and defends the human rights of migrants through litigation, political and media advocacy, and training and migration management in order to establish legal precedents that generate a change in public policies that, in turn, contribute to the minimization or eradication of human rights violations. Tapachula, Mexico
  • Derechos Humanos Integrales en Acción, A.C. (DHIA) – In the U.S and Mexico, defends the human rights of adults in transit and in detention and repatriation situations; and also protects the rights of children and adolescent migrants, those in transit, and those seeking asylum.  Juarez, Mexico
  • Immigrant Defenders Law Center Defends immigrant communities against injustices in the legal system, including providing legal support to asylum seekers impacted by “Remain in Mexico” policies. Los Angeles, California
  • Latin American Working Group (LAWG) – In close coordination with civil society partners in Latin America, mobilizes concerned citizens, organizations, and networks to call for just U.S. policies towards Latin America and the Caribbean; and educates the public about the impact of U.S. foreign and immigration policy and advocates before the U.S. Congress and the executive branch. Washington, DC



Please note: Your donation will go directly to organizations providing long-term support to immigrants and families. HIPGive does not charge an administrative fee to transfer the funds, and all U.S. donations are tax deductible. Please contact Amalia Brindis Delgado [email protected] for further information on our grantee partners.


HIP will match one to one on individual donations that we receive


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