STEAM LAB: Una Nueva Transformación de Niños, Niñas y Jóvenes en San Miguel

The STEAM LAB are spaces where children and young people will build and connect proposals that come out of their lives.


Children and Youth

Our story

FUSALMO was born in 2001 with the aim of promoting the development of capacities through a comprehensive and innovative education for children and young people in vulnerable situations. Since 2004 in San Miguel has constantly sought to innovate in the issue of technology as abet to reduce the problem of violence, since 2014 already entering the digital age began to change the line technology providing children  and young people the option of robotics. This in order to reduce the technological gap that has San Miguel and provide new innovative   ways to open their minds to generate solutions in their life and community.

The main objective of this project is: to create learning communities where children and young people can develop  creative thinking, knowledge building, product development, innovative processes using different resources Technological. This laboratory has a plan of care to bring participants from the fundamental to the specialized, ranging from  the ages of 10 to 18 with the development of multiple intelligences with a focus on visual intelligence development,  Spatial, development of interpersonal intelligence and entrepreneurial skills through the MENTORAJE system carried out by specialists in technology issues and social/economic endeavors to strengthen their vocational orientation, finally Construction of entrepreneurial incubators for self-sustainability of their. Higher education.


With the contribution of this campaign we will buy 20 Android tablets SAMSUMG 7 “/9203/16GB, and a LED display of 60 inch, in which the kids will learn to programs and develop  videogames.


By renewing our centers of computes we will support 1.500young people of San Miguel, making them work projects of improvement of their environment that, developing skills that will serve him for the life.



Nuestra apuesta es desarrollar a niños, niñas de San Miguel en que ellos puedan crear.
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Asi estamos trabajando con los chicos, queremos llegar a desorrallar algo diferente apoyanos en este proyecto.

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Muchas gracias por creer en este proyecto, el cual ayudará a disminuir la brecha tecnológica, que tiene San Miguel.

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Lissette Portillo

Es un excelente proyecto. Felicidades FUSALMO por el gran trabajo en beneficio a la Niñez y Juventud







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