Stop domestic violence!

Let’s build a society that guarantees rights. No to domestic violence!

Centro de Servicios Legales para la Mujer, (CENSEL)

Gender Equality

Our story

With your support CENSEL can continue to help hundreds of women leave the cycle of domestic violence!

With USD 5 you can help one woman learn her rights and the laws that protect her. You can help elevate her self-esteem, and empower her to help prevent domestic violence.

With USD 15 you can change the life of one woman by giving her access to psychological and legal support.
With USD 30 you can train one community leader as a legal promoter to help prevent domestic violence and violence against women.
Your support
With your contributions we can help women and their families:
– Leave the cycle of violence
– Increase their self-esteem
– Know their rights and laws that protect them
– Be trained and empowered to help other women leave the cycle of violence
We can achieve this through:
– Legal and psychological assistance, follow-up in cases of domestic violence, trainings, and
We are a leading institution, founded in 1984, that works for the rights of women and their families in the Dominican Republic. CENSEL works to prevent social, legal, economic and political discrimination of women and their families by providing access to social and legal training and defending women’s rights.
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Julia Toscano

Gracias por su trabajo!


Megara Flanigan

Thank you for your important work.


Mayra Bautista

Gracias por la dedicación y entrega de cada una de ustedes para ayudar a tantas personas victimas por la violencia de género.


Jenny S Petrow

Que sigan su trabajo excelente. Gracias, CENSEL, por salvar vidas!

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