Strengthening parenting skills in mothers with children that lives on the street or at risk of living on the street.

Help mothers and / or caregivers improve their parenting skills.

Fundación Pro Niños de la Calle IAP


Our story

There are some factors that bring children closer to street practices such as violence, consumption of toxic substances, lack of economic resources, school desertion, lack of agreements and rules along with mothers and/or caregivers.

In Fundacion Pro Niños we have a program called “Atencion a Familias (Families’ attention)” where we provide mothers and/or caregivers with spaces for learning, listening and reflection about parenting practices.

Through this program, some workshops will be held where these mothers and/or caregivers may have knowledge about new positive parenting practices. Besides they will be reflective about their roleas mother and/or caregiver by acquiring new tools that let them create a new safe environment within their family space.

During the workshops, mothers and/or caregivers have reflections about self-care letting them have the chance of being reflective about themselves and their environment.





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