Student Entrepreneurs sell eggs to support scholarships

We want to help pay for our education. Can we raise chickens and sell the eggs? We want to learn how to raise clean eggs

Asciacion Maya Chajulense AMACHAJUL


Our story

This project concept was developed by 40 AMACHAJUL  Student Entrepreneurs supporting scholarships in Chajul, Guatemala.

 “We want to help pay for our education. We can raise chickens and sell the eggs, We will raise “clean eggs” and protect the environment in our community. We will form and manage a micro business selling eggs to the Primary schools lunch program  to increase the protein for needy children.” 

Our Website:  AMACHAJUL 


  • Support for the ideas, problem solving,  and the power of Student Entrepeneurs ages 13 through 16, to provide leadership and change in their communities.
  • 40 scholarships students will have worked together to build an environmentally clean chicken house for 800 hens and know how to care for an environmentally clean production of hens and eggs.
  • Each student will be prepared to start their own micro business.
  • Public school children grades pre k through grade 6 will have had extra protein every day provided by the 25,000 eggs produced
  • The Project Director and students will study and research risks and challenges, making it an important part of the curriculum to learn to identify, analyze the situation and plan for solutions.


AMACHAJUL is a Guatemalan non-profit providing leadership through innovative methodology to expand the access to education to the most needy out-of-school boys and girls in Chajul, Guatemala.

Of 31 Scholars supported in the school year of 2017, 26 will return for school year 2018. Two dropped out to provide more help in their family work, and 3 got scholarships to other private Basico schools. The Director of the Maya Education Foundation has referred to this leadership as “groundbreaking for the children in Chajul”.  Ministry of Education employees have praised the Leadership team of 4 women and 3 men.



We want to share our Maya Ixil identity, in textiles, music, dance art, glyphs, history, stories, Maya Cosmovision.

  • Look at our website
  • Friend and Follow us on Facebook  AMACHAJUL
  • Help us build a network with people, organizations and communities that have similar missions
  • Skype with with Board, students or parents
  • Mentor the Girls and Boys Chess Club
  • Be a digital buddy to help us learn English and perfect our Spanish
  • Teach us how to do Social Media
  • Teach us how to make good video with I-phone and hand held Sony
  • Mentor us as we develop a Spanish Language Blog connected to our website
  • Come visit us and share a typical meal and accompany a student to met the chickens.


Donor funds will be used for direct costs. Receipt documents and reports will be available to donors

AMAACHAJUL is committed to making purchases with local business if possible, in an effort to stimulate the local economy with outside funds.

  • Direct Costs total $4651
  • Wood chips for cage bedding and lime  $645
  • Masks and gloves $291
  • Stipends for staff, consultants, and instructors  $486
  •  Chickens, Cage materials,food and supplies $3229

A private donor is providing a $3000 match to the $1651 to be raised on Hip Give. A private donor will fund the Chicken House,  It will be on donated land.  The instructional workshops are held in the AMACHAJUL Education CASA located behind the Catholic Church near the town square.


AMACHAJUL intends to continue fundraising until the Chicken and Egg Production project is fully funded.



40 Students have finished the workshops to learn to care for their laying chicken.

Please help us by more chickens to help our community environment and produce eggs for hungry children i the primary school.

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Not everyone has a credit card for on line donations. A prepaid credit card or prepaid cash card is a good solution. The first donation for this project was the cash from a fundraiser held in Phoenix Arizona, in which many people contributed and the total was donated on line by one person.

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Incredible idea to use animal agriculture to both raise money and improve education and nutrition.



From the women in an anonymous shelter for abused women



A friend from Idaho


A fundraiser in Phoenix AZ

This is a well researched and planned project that will provide skills training in Clean Environment raising of chickens, Micro-business process, and provide 25,000 eggs for protein to the lunch program for needy school children






Jayme L Bourque


Renee BOurque



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