¡Su periodo no las deja aprender, #ConstruyeIgualdad!

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Their period doesn’t let them learn, #BuildEquality!


Paty is 11 years old, and a few months ago was her first menstruation. She felt very embarrassed and didn’t want to share it with her mother. A perfectly normal situation became really stressful. She didn’t understand the changes that were happening in her body. She even missed school. Can you imagine this happening to you?

Not knowing how to act when you have your period generates inequality. Fortunately, Save the Children gave her support. Paty today is not ashamed of her period, she has sanitary pads at school and good hygiene. In addition, the sessions at her classroom have achieved an atmosphere of trust between girls and boys, so they respect each other and build equality. Paty is no longer absent when she has her period.

Today, we need you to keep reaching girls like Paty. We want to continue fighting for equality! Join our project and collaborate.

Each month, Mexican girls miss at least one day of school during their period. In addition, when there are no hygiene products, clean and adequate bathrooms, girls suffer fear and stress, affecting their school performance.

Don’t let something as natural as menstruation limit their studies.

Build equality and donate now!

Our project

Save the Children, through the project #ConstruyeIgualdad on education for puberty, works in 15 public elementary schools in Mexico City, Puebla, and Yucatán to inform girls and boys through workshops about puberty and menstruation. We also ensure their right to a safe and dignified environment.

When we conducted a survey on the experience of girls regarding their menstruation, we found that:

  • 75% of girls were worried about using the school bathroom.
  • 56.3% feel stressed because there wasn’t enough water to use the bathroom.
  • 66.7% asked themselves how to throw away their towel.
  • 28.4% were not sure they could get a sanitary pad at school.

With you, we can change this reality!

What we do to ensure that they have a safe and dignified environment:

  • Provide them correct information.
  • Prepare personnel girls can trust.
  • Give access to safe and comfortable menstrual products.
  • Provide safe and private sanitary spaces that allow the change of menstrual products.
  • Provide safe and hygienic spaces to throw away pads.
  • Give access to health services.
  • A safe environment with positive social norms about menstruation.


You make it possible, support them this Women’s Day!

Your donation will make a difference

Our goal is to get $ 5,000 USD and reach:

  • 4 schools
  • 824 girls
  • 852 children
  • 48 teachers


  • Supplies for cleaning toilets at schools
  • Supplies for hygiene kits in each bathroom (soap, gel, toilet paper)
  • Menstrual hygiene campaign for girls from 4th to 6th grade of school
  • Improvement in bathroom facilities (door locks, mirrors, trash cans, paper dispensers)
  • Sensitization to the school community (visual materials with key messages)


At Save the Children we believe that every Mexican girl, boy, and adolescent deserves the same opportunities to grow protected and reach their maximum potential. Can you help us achieve it?

About Save the Children

We are the leading organization defending the rights of children, protecting them from violence, malnutrition, harassment, abuse, and exploitation. Every day and in particular in times of crisis and emergencies, we work to transform your life, the present, and the future that we share.

In Mexico, we have been working since 1973 improving access to development opportunities for children and adolescents. Only last year we directly benefited more than 395,000 girls and boys in education, health and nutrition, protection, migration, and political advocacy programs.