Summer school program for indigenous Mexican children

Educational games, dance, math, science, art, and chess for children living in rural indigenous communities of Querétaro.

Central Mexico Youth Fund

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The Central Mexico Youth Fund partners with four legally established nonprofit organizations in Querétaro, Mexico, to achieve its objectives.  This structure allows us to focus our resources on groups that have already proven their ability to deliver effective services for their beneficiaries and also to strengthen the role of civic organizations in Mexico.  The founders and board members of our organization are former Peace Corps volunteers in Mexico with direct experience in the community we serve.


Our partners help more than 200 vulnerable or marginalized children, adolescents, and young adults to meet their educational, nutritional, medical, and social needs.  Many of these youth come from indigenous communities and families that have been displaced for economic or political reasons.  Our partners provide these young people an environment of care, development, and guidance, and help them discover worlds of knowledge, abilities, and potential.  Civil society is still evolving in Mexico and support of our partners not only benefits the youth they serve, but also encourages the emergence of important sector.


Our partner El Puente de Esperanza provides a residence in Querétaro City and pays the high school fees, university tuition, and living expenses for academically promising young students. These youth come from families who cannot afford to help them further their education. Most of the students grew up in indigenous communities.  Each year they share the generosity they have been shown by returning to one of their home communities and offering a summer school program to the children there.  The 2016 program lasted 10 days and consisted of classes of educational games, dance, art, math, science and chess. A similar program is planned for this year and we would like to defray the costs of transportation, materials, and meals.



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