Support for the elderly or with chronic degenerative diseases during the Covid-19 pandemic

Provide health supplies and psychological and therapeutic care to seniors and prescribed patients

Fundación Corazones de Cristal A.C.

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Non-profit civil association formed in 2012 made up of a team of professional psychologists and therapists that provide comprehensive care to
people with and without disabilities and their families throughout the life cycle, incorporating innovative care strategies and observing an unrestricted respect for their human rights.

According to the World Health Organization, older adults, along with people with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, degenerative diseases, are more likely to develop serious clinical pictures of the disease caused by the Coronavirus. When we find ourselves in isolation and constant alarming news worldwide, the reaction of each individual is different and the different aspects that arise from COVID-19 that can affect different areas of physical and mental health must be considered; The social distancing, decrease in family income, cause a precarious diet, shortages of basic necessities and personal hygiene supplies, suspension of treatments, therapies or medications in vulnerable adults, as well as the suspension of their activities, routines and habitual work can cause the appearance of depressive symptoms such as hopelessness, irritability, changes in appetite, stress, sleep disturbances, anxiety; that can impact generating low defenses, a situation that places them in more vulnerable states before the virus is contagious due to the weakening of the immune system and deterioration in physical, mental and bone health in older adults, impacting on their quality of life and the entire nucleus. family.


To assist in humanitarian care and aid to mitigate the consequences of isolation in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, for vulnerable elderly people with low incomes or who have pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis in Jardines de Morelos and neighboring neighborhoods of Ecatepec Edo de México through a comprehensive program of humanitarian aid for 70 people through 2 transversal axes:

1.-supply of sanitary supplies, basic necessities to cope with your illness (adult diapers, insulin syringes, antibacterial gel, soap, gauze and / or medicines and sanitary supplies.

2.- psychological assistance and accompaniment program to reinforce social support networks in adults and patients with chronic diseases during isolation through the use of digital tools and for those who do not have it by telephone for online help and scheduled home visits (following the health protocol, in special cases of degenerative disease) in order to mitigate the consequences of isolation by generating resilient strategies that strengthen competencies and skills in the face of the pandemic.

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Share and spread our campaign, join the volunteers of your community in humanitarian aid actions or support our project. Visit our social networks to learn more about our activities:

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Es una excelente fundación claro que tiene mi apoyo y les deseo mucho éxito.


marlene mendez

gracias por ayudar a los grupos vulnerables




Lorena Barragán

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