Support Immigrant Women and Girls to Become Leaders for Change!

You can help bring transformative legal support and leadership training for immigrant women and girls!

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About EBSC

Founded in 1982, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant (EBSC) offers protection, advocacy and support to thousands of immigrant women and girls every year. In honor of international women’s month, you can help EBSC support women and girls who have survived sexual violence and gender-based discrimination and are now rebuilding their lives. Please help us transform the lives of immigrant women and girls through legal aid, culturally appropriate counseling, leadership training, and social support.

Why our work with women and girls matters:

Immigrant women and girls are an especially vulnerable population in the US. The women that EBSC works to support may have faced horrific gender-based trauma such as genital mutilation, enslaved prostitution, rape, and countless other forms of sexual violence. EBSC clients come from countries with little legal protection for women and rampant gender-based discrimination.

From working alongside immigrant women, EBSC has learned that many women and girls are afraid of reporting abuse due to the risk of deportation and the threat of sexual violence in their home countries. However, women are less likely to be abused when they are legally and financially independent! Working with women and girls to grant them legal status in the US decreases their chances of deportation or of being killed by their abuser.

EBSC provides legal aid for over 325 women fleeing sexual violence and leadership training for hundreds more. Our legal and social programs help women rebuild their lives, support their children, and regain stability in their lives through employment, education, and a sense of community.

How Your Donation Helps:

A small donation of just $25 will help provide transformative help!

$25 – supports one woman to learn about her legal rights and social services

$50 – supports one young woman to participate in a Know Your Rights Forum

$100 – supports 5 women to participate in a civics class to become U.S. citizens

$250 – supports one day of legal screening in our Walk-in Clinic

Other Ways You Can Help

Unable to make a donation? You can give to EBSC by spreading the word! Please share our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. Tell your network about the work that we do at EBSC!

Interested in volunteering at EBSC? Please visit our website: for more information. Your support matters!




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