Support Long-Term Solutions for Families from the Migrant Caravan

The need isn’t limited to the border…long term support is the key to effective integration for migrants.

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Our story

The “migrant caravan” has made headlines. The needs are overwhelming and the response needs to come from all levels of society. However, this isn’t just an immediate problem. Although the caravans are visible, Sin Fronteras continues to give ongoing support to the thousands of people who transit through Mexico and arrive to the country to solict aslyum each year. With the current political situation in the United States, many of these migrants will be turned away at the border. However, over 1000 individuals from the caravans have currently petitioned for asylum in Mexico, and that number is expected to rise. Sin Fronteras has over 20 years of experience working with migrants in Mexico, and will give holistic legal, pychosocial, and material attention so that these families can get on their feet and successfully integrate into Mexican society.


How will your donation be used?

Your donation will help support full expenses for 10 of the families we will serve, including:

  • Legal advice and accompaniment to regularize migratory documents and legal residency in the country
  • Psychological support to address trauma from home countries or from events suffered during the journey
  • Accompaniment to access medical care, register children in school, cover basic clothing and food needs, and find housing
  • Educational support to validate degrees, and job training programs to facilitate job placement

With your contribution, we will help support families in their process to integrate into Mexican society, changing their lives not through charity, but through proven interventions that will help them become independent and empowered.


What else can I do?

Share this information! Tell people! You can share this page directly on your facebook or twitter, and help us reach more people who are passionate about serving migrants and about changing the overall landscape for migrant rights in the Americas. If you are interested in learning more, if you are interesting in partnering with us in other ways, let us know! Send a message and we will get back to you. This isn’t the work of one organization, it’s the work of all of us. Together we can fight for a world without borders!


About us

Sin Fronteras is a secular, non-governmental, nonprofit Mexican civil society organization, whose mission is to contribute to the promotion, protection and defense of the human rights of migrants and subjects of international protection, in order to dignify their living conditions through direct attention and advocacy in the public agenda. Founded in 1995 by a group of academics and activists, Sin Fronteras was the first organization in Mexico to work on issues of migration and asylum not from a charity perspective, but rather by demonstrating the need for an active and participative civil society that promotes and participates in the creation and reform of laws, normative frameworks, and public policies centered on the human rights of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and stateless persons. This model of social intervention established by Sin Fronteras has resulted in two reciprocal areas of work: direct assistance with the highest standards of quality; and advocacy in public policies at the local, national and regional levels.



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