Support the Venezuelan Refugee Community and Human Rights Defenders in New York

Helping women defenders and women entrepreneurs in Kota offices and programs.


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Our story

Venezuela is in crisis

Each day, 5000 people leave the country in search for survival. Many refugees have come to the New York area. Some are seeking political asylum, having been persecuted in Venezuela for human rights work. In an unfamiliar environment, and often with minimal English skills, they are very much left to their own devices to find work and manage day to day life. Rapid integration benefits the women, their families, and the receiving communities. It is also important that Venezuelan women human rights defenders be able to continue their advocacy work from outside the country.

We can help

We will introduce the women to networks of other women refugees for practical advice;  mentor them in group settings and individually on educational and work opportunities, child care, financial and legal matters and more. We will organize practical programs on topics they need to know about having settled in the US. Our partner organization New Women New Yorkers has ongoing programs for women from different backgrounds but in the same life situation.

Thanks to your support, for every additional $100, another woman can be enrolled in a newcomer’s curriculum in Spanish. For $3000 per year, a human rights defender can get office space with us and can safely and effectively continue their human rights and humanitarian work from abroad.

About The Kota Alliance

We are an umbrella organization for nonprofits working for gender equality and women’s empowerment. It engages its members in collaborative efforts, saving resources and increasing capacity and impact. We have the space to do group mentoring projects and workshops at our offices in Chelsea. The Kota Alliance is working with our partner organizations CEPAZ (Venezuela – and New Women New Yorkers ( This way we will be able to reach a larger number of refugees.

Please help us by spreading word about this project to your circles! Contact us if you would like to volunteer as a mentor for a woman in the group. Thank you for making a difference!








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