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Latinas, ages 16-21, developing public speaking, fundraising, and community organizing skills through mentorship.

Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights

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The Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) is dedicated to building a movement by and for the Latinx community, their families and allies through leadership development, organizing and advocacy to create opportunity and achieve reproductive justice.

COLOR envisions Latinxs and their families having the knowledge, freedom, and power to access a full range of opportunities for the health of their body, mind and spirit.


We are committed to justice and equality as a human right.

We believe people should have the right to make reproductive health care decisions in accordance with their faith, family and health care provider.

We empower community through knowledge, education and information.

We are intentional about creating an appreciative culture that welcomes diverse talents and opinions.

We believe that community is at the center of achieving complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, economic, and social well-being.

We value an intergenerational approach and are committed to an intergenerational leadership pipeline.

We model sex positivity.


A central program at COLOR is our leadership institute, Latinas Increasing Political Strength (LIPS). The program is open to youth who identify at Latinas 16-21 years old in the Denver metro area. We engage participants in a vibrant community of activists.

LIPS mentors the next generation of Latina leaders to promote the advancement of the Latinx community and advocate for reproductive justice issues. Our programs serve as entry points for young Latinas to become engaged with organizing and advocacy.

“LIPS gave me a foundation of knowledge and introduced me to key people that shared opportunities [with] me, which allowed me to navigate the Denver political field and become more involved in activities that interested me.” — LIPS alumna

The LIPS program offers educational and developmental tools that are culturally-relevant, community-centered, and necessary for true community empowerment. This core curriculum is also enriched by contributions from our community of activists to keep it connected to what is going on at any given time.

LIPS participants learn about reproductive justice, intersectional feminism, the role of governments & politicians, campaign building, lobbying, fundraising, communications, public speaking, and networking. Classes are a mix of highly interactive lessons, hands-on workshops, and project-based learning assignments. Participation in COLOR events and volunteering provides opportunities for “learning by doing,” and the mentorship program provides a venue for learning vicariously.

At COLOR, we think of mentorship as a key way to build a thriving leadership pipeline and believe that mentorship serves both individuals by providing new opportunities for personal development. Participants are linked with a mentor who assists in guiding their development and involvement in the community. Mentors attend events, share their experiences, assist with the participant’s projects, and provide support in any way possible for the LIPS participant to be successful.



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