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Summary of the campaign:

CONCAUSA is a movement that seeks teens between 14 and 17 years old with a sustainable development project aligned with the UN2030 Agenda that solves a direct problem with its community. The 10 most innovative projects in Mexico will attend a local youth summit of 5 days where we will give tools to enhance their projects as well as boost their personal and collective skills. We seek that young Mexicans willing to generate change, exchange and bond by creating a coordinated youth network. With your donation we will be able to empower 30 teens of the country so they understand that their actions have impact in the Mexican society.

How will we put your donations in action?

$ 125 USD allows us to pay the transportation by plane of 1 young volunteer

$ 100 USD allows us to feed 1 young volunteer for 5 days

$ 30 USD allows us to host 1 young volunteer for 3 days

$ 15 USD allows us to pay for round transportation by bus of a young volunteer

$ 8 USD allows us to pay for a shirt and thermos for 1 young volunteer

$ 2.5 USD allows us to give 1 meal to 1 young volunteer

Why it matters:

The present world is in crisis; the population is constantly exposed to different social problems: climate change, lack of water and food, discrimination and poverty, are problems that are configured as a reality that directly or indirectly affect all humanity. 43.6% of the Mexican population lives in poverty, while extreme poverty affects 7.6%, equivalent to 9.4 million Mexicans. 26% of the Mexican population lacks access to basic services in their houses. In the poorest municipalities of the country, 98% of its population speaks an indigenous language. Finally, it should be noted that in Mexico one third of the total population of the country., 40 million people, are under 18 years of age. Of these, slightly more than half (53.9%) were in poverty in 2014. This means that 1 out of every 2 children and teens in Mexico is poor. That is why CONCAUSA was born.

We are at a time where it is key to work with young people because they are one of the greatest generations in history. According to Ban-Ki Moon, “We can be the first generation to end global poverty and the last generation to prevent the worst consequences of global warming before it is too late” We also believe that fostering the development of skills and capabilities promotes the participation and youth empowerment preventing educational lag and school dropout.

Our goal this year is that 10 teams with innovative ideas, attend a national summit where we will give them the necessary tools to enhance their projects. In addition, we will be working on skills and knowledge that contribute to their personal and collective development.

With your donation we seek to create a youth network that manages to solve the challenges of Mexico and the continent by promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), a set of global objectives to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure the prosperity of all.

Your donation allows us to empower and give voice to teens recognizing their participatory role in our Mexican society. Be part of CONCAUSA!

Potential challenges:

We firmly believe that teens deserve to be heard and that is why we believe CONCAUSA is the initiative that can make them understand the impact of their actions and decisions in Mexico today. We need the support of all the people who are interested. If you think you can help in another way, do not hesitate to contact us at avillarreal@americasolidaria.org

About our organization:

America Solidaria is an organization that, since it’s beginning, has focused on overcoming child poverty, part of its vision being able to contribute to the development of a continent where there are no children living in poverty. For this reason, the mission of the organization has consisted mainly of promoting a network of volunteers that contribute to the development of different projects located throughout America.

Today, the mission is the same, however, aspects relevant to it have been incorporated, such as the need to contribute to the formation of a global citizenship and the development of projects that respond to the 2030 Agenda proposed by the UN. As a result of this, one of the main focuses of action has been the training of children and teens, in order to be the responsable of the changes that the continent needs.

The values ​​that characterize the organization are: Justice, Urgency, Union, Excellence and Care 

The pictures of the projects presented are property of the CONCAUSA 2018 teens.



Karen EV

Por jóvenes empoderados


Nury Estrada Valladolid

Por un mundo mejor


María José Serrano



Rebecca Nelson

Mucha suerte, que les vaya fantástico en este esfuerzo!


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Vamos, por las juventudes!!!


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