¡Thank you teacher!

¿Would your life be the same without a teacher?

You know 1 teacher can make the difference

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Our story

In Jalisco there are 94,156 teachers of public schools, which educate 90% of the population of the state…

You know 1 teacher can make the difference, inspire you or demotivate you.

Today, Mary has decided to continue preparing to be a better preschool teacher, she has decided to leave mediocrity and her comfort zone to be a true leader who inspires all the students she has each year, would you help her?

The salary of a person like Mary is 8,000 pesos, so she believes that it is impossible to study a master’s degree that gives her more tools to work with parents for the benefit of the child, will you show her that it is possible?

If you decide today to contribute with 2,500 pesos per month, Mary would have the opportunity to study the Master in Family Education at Enlace Occidente

Enlace Occidente has 25 years of training the best teachers in Jalisco thanks to many people concerned about education in Jalisco, as well as you

Will you join us?

Why does it matter?

  • A teacher impacts an average of 5,000 people during their working life.
  • Every student become key influencers: parents, husbands, directors, managers, workers.
  • Can you imagine the impact?
  • Mexico needs inspiring teachers, who positively influence all of our children

How does your contribution help us?

Each peso that you invest will give opportunity to people like Mary to pursue the Master in Family Education, the goal is to grant half a scholarship during the two years of the program to a teacher who will acquire the tools he needs to be the best teacher for his students and achieve a synergy with parents


About the Organization:

Since 1994 Enlace Occidente we have trained our public school teachers in inspiring and committed educational leaders.

Our mission is simple: to influence just where we have most impact.

In Enlace we are working to create a battalion of influencers. With our programs, public school teachers are now educational leaders, with heart, mind and vision working in synergy with parents to change to Mexico.