The missing piece ! Help us to support amputees for accident or illness to recover their lifes

Helping to the ones that suffer amputee to get trust and confidence, is possible and in your hands! the missing piece !

Pink Recovery, A.C.


Our story

Pink Recovery was gradually consolidated from the detection of needs in an ever-vulnerable sector: women with breast cancer who underwent mastectomy and reconstruction who ended up being double victims, first to cancer and second to the lack of comprehensive care and unawareness of non-invasive non-surgical options to complete their reconstruction. Pablo Walls and Lucy Centeno initiated a support process donating 10 prostheses almost 8 years ago in May, thanks to the support of a radio campaign for breast cancer victims. This action was made recurrent on an annual basis. Irma Velasco, Pina Camarena, Silvia Aceves and Martha Sahagún joined the group, increasing the type of support with medical and social work professionals, evaluating needs and extending the support of Prosthesis not only of Nipples for breast reconstruction, but also for victims of Micotia (lack of ear), finger amputees by accident, congenital disease or consequence of a disease.

Pink Recovery currently specializes in DONATING high-quality aesthetic prosthesis for body parts such as fingers, hands, arms, ear, nose, etc. and even amputation cases to vulnerable population sectors who cannot afford prosthetic costs.

So, we evaluate each case, and our fundraising is exclusively for that purpose. Each case followed and photos and shared with those who support us with their contribution.

Today the work of our growing volunteer team has allowed us to extend and increase support to even more sectors. Thereby, we are worldwide the only association that DONATES aesthetic handmade prostheses (made individually to the needs of the patient), that provide the most natural appearance possible to the specific lost body part or limb; Without discrimination of nationality, sex, race or religious belief.

We also have extended support to war victims. Without forgetting that this group is 100% comprised of Mexicans, as part of this great human universe.



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