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Help us launch this audiovisual project to share stories of migration, cooperation, and leadership.

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Our Dream

Gabriela Arvizu has many stories to show!

Prospera’s Latina entrepreneurs have many stories to tell!


“The Power of a Dream” is an audiovisual project — led by Gabriela Arvizu, Prospera collaborator, entrepreneur, freelance and audiovisual artist — that was born with a dream of documenting and amplifying the voice of entrepreneurial Latinas.

Through a series of documentary videos, Gabriela Arvizu and Prospera come together to show the world real stories of entrepreneurial Latina immigrants building cooperative businesses in the Bay Area.

The Power of a Dream: Stories of migration, cooperation & leadership

Despite the economic and social adversities that the Latina community faces in the today’s political climate in the United States, these entrepreneurs are creating new economic opportunities for themselves and their community through the cooperative business model and social impact entrepreneurship.

Now more than ever, it is important to capture these stories as a way to recognize the leadership and daily struggle of these entrepreneurs, and to inspire many other Latinas.

Our objective

Our aim is to capture the stories of entrepreneurial Latinas participating in Prospera’s cooperative business incubation program, through four documentary videos. We will share their personal and professional adversities as well as their successes during their exciting journey to entrepreneurship.

With this work, we want to make visible and recognize the work and struggle of all of these immigrant women and the leaders who are transforming their lives and creating impact in their community.

For Gabriela, the partnership with Prospera is an opportunity to honor the strength and power of women who come to this country to fight for themselves, their families and their dreams.

For Prospera, this partnership with Gabriela Arvizu will allow us to showcase Prospera’s work through the eyes of entrepreneurial Latinas. This is also an opportunity to promote Gabriela as an audiovisual artist and Latina entrepreneur herself.

Why is this important?

The lives of Latinas in the United States are fraught with challenges due to immigration status as well as gender inequality. These are structural, social, economic, and cultural barriers…  there is still so much to do!

We believe that when we recognize and invest in women’s leadership capacity, resilience, and cooperation, it is possible to disrupt many of these barriers.

Through this project, “The Power of a Dream” the artist, Gabriela Arvizu, the entrepreneurs and protagonists of these audiovisual pieces, and Prospera will unveil the reality that this community faces daily on their entrepreneurial journey.


Key barriers faced by Latina entrepreneurs:

·  In the United States, 1 million households headed by Latinas live on the threshold of poverty.

·  28% of Latinas work in low-wage occupations.

·  32% of Latinas do not have medical insurance.

·  Only 19% of Latinas have college degrees.

·  Approximately, 912,472 entrepreneurs are undocumented in the United States.

Key Opportunities:

• 11.6 million companies are owned by Latinas in the U.S., generating 1.7 billion in revenue.

• Immigrant cooperatives are growing rapidly and exponentially in the U.S.

• Women’s cooperatives around the world show powerful results: increased income, improved health, and increased well-being for families and communities.

Help us make this project a reality

Please help us reach our goal of $6,500. The East Bay Fund for Artists will match every gift we receive from individual donations up to $6,000. In order to get this match we need your contact information (Name and email address).  


These videos will amplify the voices of four Latina immigrant women, document their journeys to become entrepreneurs, and create opportunities for other women in the Bay Area. Your contribution will also make it possible for Gabriela Arvizu to present her entrepreneurial project at film festivals and to other audiences.

Collaborate and get involved with Prospera!

Your collaboration is essential for us to achieve our goal of sharing these powerful stories of migration, cooperation, and leadership that entrepreneurial Latinas encounter in their daily lives. Here is how you can participate in this project: 

  • Make a donation today!
  • Spread the word with your friends and family through social media, emails, personal meetings…
  • Become a Prospera’s ambassador
  • Organize a private party at your home or happy hour to support this project
  • Is it your birthday? A special celebration? Why not make the celebration special and unite your family and friends with Prospera
  • Have another initiative in mind? Contact We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

About Prospera: 

Prospera is a non-profit 501 c(3) in Oakland, CA that partners with low-income Latina immigrants to build co-ops—collectively owned, local businesses. We offer candidates an exciting opportunity to bring their talents, leadership, and creativity to a unique effort advancing social justice, women’s empowerment, and community transformation. For more information, we invite you to browse our website:


About Gabriela:

Gabriela Arvizu is a visual artist and a freelance video journalist who covers arts, culture, and politics. She was raised in the Fruitvale District of Oakland where she found her passion for art and media through local youth programs such as Youth Radio. As a high school student, she began to tell stories about her life and her experiences in her community that aired on NPR, KPFA, and Latino USA. She went on to receive her masters in Video Reporting and Storytelling from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.




I am so grateful for the opportunity to support this inspiring, talented, passionate, worthwhile organization, especially now.


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Hope this helps and you're all doing well!



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What a powerful way to go forward in these times. United we stand.



I'm really excited to see captured stories of leadership, resiliency and power! Go Prospera!!!


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So proud of you and everything you do, Gaby. Thank you!



Keep up the great work!



Go Gaby!



So glad you have found a documentary artist to tell four powerful Prospera stories! Felicidades!


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So excited with this project! Congratulations Maite & Gaby!!






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