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ADN is a scheme of formation, more than education!

Fundación del Empresariado Chihuahuense, A.C.

Children and Youth

Our story

Campaign summary:

The ADN (“Ampliando el Desarrollo de los Niños” in spanish) Model, was born more than 10 years ago by Fechac in Juarez, Chihuahua, to rescue children and youth coming from environments where the poverty and the absence of their parents or tutors is common due to their jobs. It provided safe and healthy afternoons where they could discover and develop their capabilities through fun and formative activities, the interest in learning and the academic responsibility, the healthy nutrition culture and the promotion of life skills.

Why it matters:

In reality, the state of Chihuahua has limited spaces for children in vulnerable situations to develop their skills. ADN provides them with such spaces and more. It is a safe space that seeks to prevent the integration of delinquency groups and street gangs. The task is not a simple one, it requires everyone’s cooperation to grant a space for children and youth to be part of the program.

ADN has a scheme of formation, more than education, because it takes in consideration the profile of the participants, their families or caretakers, their environment where they live and thrive. This seeks to generate safer environments through long term social changes.

It is implemented in basic level schools located in high poverty and social disintegration zones of the state of Chihuahua, providing focalized attention to students through activities that boost their capabilities, increase their responsibility and plant the roots of hope for a better future. 

Our impact is meassured in: 




          % of
beneficiaries with satisfactory writing/reading skills.

beneficiaries with satisfactory math skills.

          Rate of
beneficiaries with positive school performance.

          School stay

of beneficiaries with a positive self-concept.

of beneficiaries with creative thoughts.

of beneficiaries with critical thinking.

of beneficiaries with a positive vision of the future.

          Increase in
life skills.

          Decrease in
risk behaviour.

          Rate of
beneficiaries that develop a healthy and free of violence lifestyle.


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Enrique Elias Valdés

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