There’s always something to raise

There’s always something to raise

Fundaciòn Humana de la Mano, A.C.


Our story

In the neighborhood of San Mateo de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico. Angelica, Gustavo Ángel and José Miguel, live in it, they recently suffered an invaluable loss, Verónica, 41, her mother, died from breast cancer, leaving them in an orphan situation. This disease that year after year ends with the lives of thousands of women worldwide. Just in Mexico, in 2016, 16 deaths were observed per 100,000 women aged 20 years or older.

Currently neither Angelica nor Gustavo Ángel nor José Miguel know how to read or write, since they have never set foot in a school, much less have they opened a notebook, since the three of them are dedicated to selling farmland for subsistence, without this representing a safe livelihood that guarantee their daily diet and their adequate human development.

With this campaign, we intend to raise $ 2,000.00 Dollars to guarantee their food, clothing, education, and housing during the next three years.

With your support, we want to make you feel that Angelica, Gustavo Ángel and José Miguel are not alone, that we are with them and that there is always a future to fight for.