They were left alone, but they have you.

Dental care for children victims of abandonment, orphanage or child abuse.

Fundación Salud Oral (FUNDASO)


Our story

In Guatemala many children live in permanent or temporary homes due to abandonment, domestic violence or orphanhood. These children grow up without the care of a family, and often suffer from illnesses related to the little care they have received, among them oral affections.

These homes do not always have the necessary resources to provide dental care to children, and this is why there is a high prevalence of tooth decay, mouth infections and premature tooth loss.


What can we do?

With your support, we will be able to provide dental care to more and more children who have been victims of neglect. Our dentists and volunteers not only carry out dental procedures but also teach them good oral hygiene habits, in addition to equipping them with mouth cleaning implements such as toothpastes, toothbrushes and floss.

Our intervention is of great importance and it is urgent because many of these patients have gone through long periods of dental pain. In the eyes of these children we also find sadness and fear, but if we manage to approach them in a friendly and affectionate way, we can turn their treatment into a positive experience that will influence their well-being and their confidence in society.


How will we put your donations in action?

To carry out our project, we need multiple medical-dental supplies such as:



Dental floss




Dental materials

Portable equipment

Disposable instruments

… and the means of transport to mobilize all this to the homes.


In case of not reaching the proposed goal, our program includes in its most basic version the delivery of oral hygiene implements and oral cleaning education activities. But in case of exceeding the goal, we can replicate our project in more homes.


Why does it matter?

Oral health plays a very important role not only for the feeding functions, but also plays a role in the self-esteem, nutrition and well-being of these children in general. Our work is vital to relieve pain, to control infections and especially to prevent later problems.

The impact of our intervention will not be measured only in the treatments performed on these children, but also in the problems that will be avoided in the future.


About Fundación Salud Oral

We are an organization based on the participation of volunteer dentists and seniors dental students, our people not only love what they do but also believe in the mission of helping disadvantaged groups of the population through the improvement of the oral health.

Not only your donation is important: follow us on Facebook as @FundacionSaludOral and on Twitter as @Fundas0 and share our publications. Your support to disseminate our project will help us so that more people can join as well and that together we can achieve the goal.


Thank you!




Deseándoles lo mejor.


Linda M Conard

Es un honor apoyar a este grupo y su excelente trabajo para brindar salud dental a los niños de Guatemala.






Mónica Solórzano

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