TIME OF CHANGE, Latina lives matter, break the silence on Domestic Violence!

Latina lives matter, break the silence on Domestic Violence!


Violence Prevention

Our story

My name is Maria, and this is my story. I became impacted by Domestic Violence at a young age when I was most vulnerable and in the process of developing my inner core and beliefs. My life would soon unravel. Who knew Domestic Violence would cast a dark shadow over my life to follow me and dictate the way I felt, the choices I would make and the pain that would be caused because of my distorted view and way of thinking. Domestic Violence and it’s long term effects of childhood adversities created emotional scars that would get reopened time and time again. As a teen not having knowledge or resources on how to start my recovery and healing process I acted out what was going on inside of me. Inside was anger and much of it. I became destructive and negative and believed that these were the cards that were dealt to me as told by my abuser. I masked my pain and feelings by disassociating myself from others.

I became a STATISTIC right along with 1.5 million children who witnessed Domestic Violence each year. Some of you, just as myself will be able to relate to Lisa’s story in the two minute video. If you grew up witnessing DV you are 74% more likely to commit a violent act against someone. Domestic Violence in childhood is directly correlated with learning difficulties, lower IQ scores, deficiencies in visual motor skills and problems with paying attention. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself until the cycle is broken, exposed, and changed, if not we will continue to have broken and dysfunctional families. Because someone fought for ME, I now fight for teen’s suffering from the aftermath of this treacherous disease that transcends our Cultura. We are losing our JOVENES to the cycle  in addition to Gang Violence, Human Trafficking, and Suicide. JOIN me in the fight. 

What does what we do matter?

“Although there have been inconsistencies and gaps in the literature in regards to whether higher rates of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) exists among Hispanics after controlling for socioeconomic status, recent studies on health disparities provide evidence that Hispanics are disproportionately affected by IPV (Caetano, Field, Ramisetty-Mikler,&McGrath, 2005;Tjanden&Theonnes, 2000)….Hispanics have also been found to be more vulnerable to the consequences of IPV; for example, Hispanic female victims of IPV are more likely to experience poor mental health outcomes and have suicidal ideation than non-Hispanic female victims (Bonomi, Anderson, Cannon, Slesnick, & Rodriguez, 2009; Krishnan, Hilbert, & Pase, 2001.)”

The above-mentioned statistics makes what we do not only important but crucial to the to the development of healthy and well-developed Hispanic women. IPV has ramifications that go beyond the implication of the afore-mentioned quotes. Sacramento and Valley cities are a well-known hub for human trafficking, an epidemic that has plagued our nation. There is a correlation between domestic violence and human trafficking, the domestic violence that is suffered by a woman can be a strong indicator if a woman is susceptible to prostitution. What we do matters!!! Every woman has the right to be safe, a safe and healthy Latina is a healthy Latino community and family structure. What we do ensures that every Latina child, teenager, and adult is educated and given coping skills to identify and remove themselves from an IPV situation.

What is the specific goal of our project?

Our specific goal is to go into every school in the Sacramento Unified School District, at risk areas, and religious centers and provide educational services to Latinas regarding: Healthy relationships, self-esteem, coping with the aftermath of domestic violence, seeking safety, identifying toxic masculinity, and creating a safe zone for Latinas to grow and develop into healthy and productive woman. All classes will have pre and post evaluations that will include testimonials, data will be evaluated for the effectiveness of reducing violence towards Latinas, evaluations will show growth in the knowledge regarding Intimate Partner Violence and how to develop healthy relationships, Latinas will have gained the resources necessary to identify unhealthy relationships and places that will help them safely distance themselves from unhealthy partners.

What will we achieve together?

Together we can create a society in which Latina women are empowered by knowledge and resources. Your donations in conjunction with our expertise will help enable us to provide Latinas with the coping skills necessary to develop healthy relationships and building a healthy self-esteem. Because we have partners like you working with us, Latina women will learn to embrace their feminine power by identifying and changing toxic masculine beliefs that have been indoctrinated into them through old fashioned and maladaptive patriarchal acceptance.

How much should you donate and what will it be used for?

Donations in any amount will be appreciated, our goal is to reach a minimum of $20,000.00. Your donations will allow us to pay for transportation to educate Latinas, pay staff, pay expert guest appearances, pay for software that tracks and reports results, pay administrative costs, pay for materials such as paper, copying, and pens. It will also allow us to maintain our website which will provide quarterly results and testimonials as to the work and progress being achieved.

How else can you help?

We at TIME OF CHANGE need assistance with Grant Writing, volunteers, Personal testimonials as to the impact of domestic violence (Must provide a Release of Information allowing TIME OF CHANGE to post it on our website or use it in our curriculum), laptop donations, reams of paper, ink cartridges for an HP Printer, i.e., HP950xl and HP951XL.  TIME OF CHANGE is open to any assistance you can provide, please let us know how you can help us empower our Latina women.