Touching the soil!  Build together with traditional potters of Oaxaca an inclusive world through The Four Movements!

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Touching Soil,  is the long-term vision of Innovando la Tradición to ensure that the traditional craft of Oaxaca can continue another 4,000 years, and reach places never seen before!

Help us to achieve it! In this year in Innovando la Tradición, we are working to strengthen:

  1. Training Program Artisan- Artisan

Space to develop powerful leaders in their communities to preserve and transmit their vision and the deep cultural knowledge they have, for 8 months with 30 artisans, with a certification from the Universidad Iberoamericana

Reinforcing with activities, such as:

  1. Second chapter of the Learning Community
  2. 4th National Independent Potter Meeting

2.La Casa del Barro, a network of spaces to promote the 70 pottery towns of Oaxaca, through residences, research, experimentation and sale of products. These spaces will house the mud collections and research of Innovando la Tradición.

This year, we will be participating in the Barro and Fuego Exhibition at the Franz Mayer Museum.

3. Consolidate process of the 1050• Cooperative and continue to expand sales, which is made up of potters and the marketing arm that places the clay in new markets around the world, making its beauty and wisdom accessible to more people, supported by commercial processes solidary.

4. Strengthen the operating platform of Innovando la Tradición A.C.

Covering the Direction of Operations and Coordination of the Learning Community; to close the gap between daily operation and strategic direction.


There is a global campaign to raise $ 250K USD. This site was built to make it easy for our community of friends in United States to make tax deductible gifts in their country where we are seeking to raise $ 100K USD of the global goal.


Why is it important to support us?

Mexico is at a crucial moment to recognize, appreciate and promote its deep wealth in the world, in a large percentage of communities we are facing the last generation of potters who safeguard the knowledge of the traditional world through mud.

About  Innovando la Tradición A.C.

We have worked for 13 years in the state of Oaxaca building bridges between the world of traditional and indigenous pottery and the modern urban world, positioning the mud in a more visible, novel and appreciated place.

In 2005 we started working with a pottery family and in 2017 we supported artisans in 14 villages and moved more than 14 thousand clay pieces to three continents.

We raise the cultural and economic value of traditional pottery to achieve a more dignified life for artisans and prevent this age-old wisdom from being lost, through making local knowledge visible, putting artisans at the center of our decisions and using strategies of fair trade.

Join our community of angel donors and become a member of the Huaje Valley Network Since 2016 we created the Huaje Valley Network, a group of visionaries from around the world that are supporting us with donations annually to overcome the challenges we face in the construction of the 4 Movements.

Members of the Huaje Valley Network will participate by:

  • Becoming a Jaguar, Eagle, Deer or Rabbit Connecting others and strengthening the network
  • Attending one of our launch events or our yearly trip to Oaxaca designed to help you learn more about what your support makes possible.
  • Opening doors to potential partners and foundations in the US and Mexico
  • Bringing to life our three big ideas

Join our Huajes Valley Network as one of the four dwellers of the Valley:

  • Jaguar – $25,000 USD
  • Eagle – $10,000 USD
  • Deer – $5,000 USD
  • Rabbit – $1,000 USD

We hope to count on you!


“The first thing we have to do is make sure the ceramics do not get lost, join as a group. Alone … we can not achieve anything “

– Amando Pedro, Artisan of San Bartolo Coyotepec.

“The mud a gift that we carry in our blood and we have to transmit it to the new generations”.

-Amalia Cruz, Artisan of San Marcos Tlapazola



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