Transform the lives of Mayan youth in Guatemala

Educaid offers high school education to indigenous youth from rural communities who live in extreme poverty.

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Campaign summary:

Educaid offers the opportunity of high school education to indigenous youth from rural communities of the country that live in extreme poverty. Merit-based scholarships will be awarded to boarding students at Instituto Santiago, granting them comprehensive education, housing, and meals, in a safe environment.

Why it matters:

In Guatemala, only 20% of students graduate from high school. Those born in extreme poverty have very little chance of receiving basic education because the government does not subsidize or even reach most rural areas.

Granting scholarships to 100 students allows them the opportunity to receive a comprehensive high school education at the Santiago Institute in Guatemala City. In addition to academics, students receive meals, housing, and technical training in different areas, such as agriculture, electricity, blacksmithing, and computer equipment repair. Students are also provided with emergency medical care, arts education, sports and guidance in leadership and values.






Stephanie Rudeke

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