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Transforming Lives offers culturally sensitive, bilingual case management services throughout a survivor’s journey from abuse to the establishment of healthy independent lives. We provide complete case management including counseling, court advocacy, pro bono lawyers, translation services, referrals to social service agencies and accompaniment when necessary, as well as continual follow-up until the survivor is leading a truly fulfilling life.

The rapidly growing number of Hispanic domestic and sexual violence (DSV) survivors in Western North Carolina suffers from very limited access to legal and social service assistance. This project works to knock down the financial, linguistic, psychological and cultural barriers that prevent these abused men and women from gaining the justice, recompense and healing they so desperately need.



 On the average domestic violence survivors wait until the 7th incident to report the problem. This project will procure justice and healing for many of these victims and will give hope to other victims so that more will come forward and request the assistance we can offer. By offering effective assistance we hope to cut this number significantly and thereby cut the overall number of DSV incidents.



The majority of our domestic violence survivors and their family members come from cultures where DSV was always kept secret and there was no trust in authorities. Therefore, these survivors do not feel comfortable bringing these problems to light or seeking justice

The culturally sensitive bilingual services Transforming Lives offers have already made a difference.  Since our inception in 2017 we have been able to help 150 survivors and their families. Our services are crucial as testified to by the Henderson County District Attorney’s Office who has called our “ excellent work in advocacy and legal and social services for Hispanic domestic violence victims, unparalleled” in our area. And these services are truly needed.



Your donation will contribute to the expenses associated with the process of accompanying our clients through the legal and psychological process that they must follow to get rid of their abusers and overcome the psychological issues that prevent them from achieving a healthy, productive, and independent life.

We currently can offer services to 150 per year but there are over 600 annually reported DSV incidents in our Hispanic community and growing.



Don’t Have Funds to Donate – Become a Volunteer.  We need translators, blog writers, researchers and folks to help us get the word out. Need help making a presentation at your church or organization? Just let us know!


  • Marcos Ojeda

    Hola muchachos! Sigamos ayudando a transformar vidas con esta campaña y también a través de, la cual es una campaña que está en búsqueda de recolectar fondos para los venezolanos que se encuentran en situaciones difíciles, donde no tienen para comer y pagar sus gastos básicos