Transforming realities. A project for women, their sons and daughters.

Help us to stand up our Purple House, a space with comprehensive care for women and their children victims.

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Each donation will allow a woman and her children to keep going on the path to self-improvement. Our total campaign goal is $6000 USD.

With this, we can leverage seed capital for better initiatives built through the collaborative work of the women who receive support at Purple House.

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Purple House is a space with comprehensive care for women and their children who have been victims of gender-based domestic violence, fostering the restitution of their violated rights. With this campaign, we hope to raise the seed capital necessary to allow these women to build a better future for their families and their communities.

About Us

Purple House is a refuge for women and their children who have been victims of intrafamilial violence in the Municipality of Soacha (Cundinamarca), Colombia. In our home, we offer comprehensive care and protection, as well as food, shelter, legal assistance and psychological support to 80 women internally, and more than 600 externally.

This support is made available 24/7 by qualified professionals, aided by the Soacha Mayor’s Office’s Commission for the Family, the Public Prosecutor and the Women and Gender Management Program,  all working toward the restoration of their natural rights.

How do we help? During their stay at Purple House, we provide vulnerable women and their children with food including breakfast, lunch and dinner; a morning and afternoon snack; toiletry items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, soap, shampoo, and towels; and for younger children, diapers, wet wipes, sippy cups, etc.  

We also provide free transportation services for women and children to attend judicial proceedings, medical appointments and home visits, with accompaniment provided by family professionals for the initial collection and follow-up processes.

Women in our care receive training on a variety of topics through weekly 3-hour workshops that provide information on ways to register their claims, possible care routes, the identification of potential risk factors, protective factors and the preventive actions that they can take. Likewise, we generate reflective processes based on their life experiences and help guide them through enhanced critical thinking practices.

In order to promote productive projects that will improve their qualities of life and generate financial freedom, we provide these women with vocational guidance and extended occupational skills training, culminating in the creation of teams designed to support one another and develop each team member to their maximum potential.

Your donation today will serve as seed capital for these teams, allowing them to proceed with their business initiatives, and turn their and their children’s dreams into reality.


We want to profoundly thank you for your decision to support us today. Working together, we can turn plans and ambition into reality and mobilize entire families for the construction of a more equitable and righteous world.



Logan Robertson

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