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Fundación Marillac A.C.


Our story

Currently in the health sector, there is a deficiency in health professionals, so the deficiency in quality and patient care is increasingly a problem in Mexico.

Also, the lack of opportunities to prepare and have a quality nursing education are directly related to the necessary medical care.

Fundación Marillac aims to financially support young people who have a vocation and passion for the nursing career where not only the cause of preparing and giving necessary tools to young people is supported but also to increase the staff in the health sector for the prevention and care of diseases in Mexico.

How will we put your donations into action?

Fundación Marillac has the “Beca Transforma” program where scholarships are provided to students with limited resources and good academic achievement, in three modalities, percentage intuition, a percentage in degree and total support in residence for women.

Support for young people in vulnerable situations is increasing, so with your help, we can continue to expand our coverage and reach more students.

Currently, with the requested amount, two students can be awarded 100% for one year in the nursing career.

The selected students have a profile that highlights their responsibility, honesty, work, vocation, effort to achieve a career where humanity, hope and helping others are their daily engine.

The closer to the goal to collect more possibilities of scholarship percentage can have students, however, the collection that will be achieved will have the same use, will be contributed to the percentage of a scholarship of our students, this help makes a difference both in the student life as in the staff of our students.

Why it matters:

In Mexico, the situation is critical, since many patients do not have the necessary care due to the lack of nursing staff.

According to the OMS, 8.3 nurses per 1000 inhabitants are recommended and in Mexico, we have only 3.9.

Taking these data into account in Mexico, a nurse attends an average of 3,000 patients a year.

Currently, Marillac Foundation scholarship to an average of 120 students, 30 of them with a 100% hostel scholarship and support, the annual cost of the tuition is $ 30,000.00 pesos.

Fundación Marillac from its birth to today financially supported more than 637 fellows in nursing.

On average, 80% of our beneficiaries represent in their home the first generation to attend university and finish their degree.

Potential Challenges:

With your support, the chances of dropping out in the race may decrease, access and opportunities to fulfill your dream.

This support is the difference in that they can build a better future.

  • We favor access to quality education.
  • We reduce school dropout rates.
  • We support your degree.

About us

We are an organization founded in 2009 and focused on the support of nursing students who are in a vulnerable or social risk situation. Our goal is to support the entrance to higher education in this field and contribute to the increase of nurses in Mexico.