Transcend with Values

We foster values with games and experiences of happiness to keep children away from violence in Mexico.

Monstritos A.C.

Children and Youth

Our story


70% of children are subjected to a process of violence (Save the Children). Mexico ranks first internationally for school bullying cases in basic education. According to an analysis by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCDE). Since it affects 18 million 781 thousand 875 Elementary and middle school students, both public and private.

This is why Monstritos AC seeks to keep girls and boys from dropping out of school, to stay away from violence, and to be agents of change through knowledge of values and experiences of happiness.


“Monstritos taught them to work as a team, to take away their fears, to give them the confidence to be able to do things; My daughter is now a person who demands respect… she changed a lot, she’s a girl with a lot of confidence, her academic level improved too much.

 -Rocío Elizabeth (Rocío’s Mother)

Monstritos is a lot of fun… they have helped me with my behavior. I’ve learned to behave better and I’ve made more Friends”

 -Christopher (6th grade)

Monstritos taught me to study more and learn more about school subjects because I didn’t like them very much… I learned to be a better person, to study more, to always be ready and prepared for everything.

Rocío (5th grade)

They help me learn things that I don’t know, they explain to me what I have to do and that I don’t have to do… they teach me values and to behave well. Thanks to Monstritos I have been well behaved, I have learned more things, I learn in different ways. I’ve learned not to be bothering others, to help my classmates and friends, and to teach others. 

Aldo (5th grade)


Thanks to the projects, which are implemented by our experts, more and more girls and boys are moving away from violence, they are happy to attend school and have better communication with their families and classmates.

Our project

“Transcend with Values” lasts for 15 months, it is a training project. During this time, playful workshops are held and evaluations are carried out identifying areas where children are most vulnerable and thus giving the necessary attention to ensure their well-being.


The funds raised will be used to pay the payroll of psychologists and teachers who devote their time, effort and knowledge to conducting and implementing the sessions in the schools benefited from our projects.

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