UndocuFund Monterey Bay

Undocumented workers have been excluded from federal and state aid. We’re here to help. Be part of the solution!

Santa Cruz (Community Ventures)


Our story

UndocuFundMonterey Bay is a collaborative effort to assist Monterey Bay area undocumented immigrant workers impacted by COVID-19.

The fund will help individuals and families with a one-time emergency assistance in this time of crisis. 

Undocumented workers are over-represented in the services, hospitality, and agriculture industries; industries severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to the loss of their homes, wages, and/or employment. At the same time, undocumented workers have been excluded from federally and state funded safety net program.

This comes at a time when immigrant communities were already threatened by anti-immigration policies like public charge.

Partner organizations serving Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties will distribute 100% of the funds raised to qualified households and ensure recipients are connected to resources including food assistance and medical care.




Jennifer Graham Photography

Thank you for this work you are doing. Through another generous client I am able to donate $100 of my session fee while I create Family Portraits during SIP




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