Venezolanas Globales, a platform that unites the diaspora of Venezuelan women abroad

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Our story

Venezolanas Globales is a platform that unites women from the Venezuelan diaspora with the means of empowering them, form alliances and create an opportunity for networking. In addition to visibilize, support and promote Venezuelan women abroad. This is a space for connection with other Venezuelan women, for the creation of alliances with four core ideas: networking, onboarding, positioning women and contributing to Venezuela.

In this space women from the Venezuelan diaspora are invited to share professional and academic information, among other empowering activities, and actions that will bring them close together, creating mentorships and onboarding tips in new cities and countries.

At the current time, Venezolanas Globales has around 14 chapters in different cities where Venezuelan women meet to discuss a variety of issues. We are present in cities as diverse as New York, Lima, Washington DC, Mexico City, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid, Guatemala, Panama, Montreal, London, Bogota, and Sydney. 

We have organized more than 40 thematic meetings, this has been a safe space of reconnection with Venezuela, soft skills in areas such as entrepreneurship, cultural adaptation, psychosocial skills, among others. We also have more than two thousand women in a closed group on facebook. In addition, we have organised online workshops for the community, some of them are on our youtube channel.

The core idea from the platform is to grow organically, Venezuelan are learning from each other and connecting in different parts of the world.

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