We all have the right to play: let’s build a toy library for migrant children

Help us build a toy library so that migrant children in the city of Tijuana have a safe place to play and develop.

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Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Perhaps you wished to be an astronaut, a doctor o a firefighter. Whatever the case, you dreamt about a better future, filled with opportunities. For migrant and refugee children, the future often looks uncertain and scary. Help us change this through the construction of a toy library, where these children will be able to play, learn and reach their full potentials in a safe environment. With your donation, we will build the toy library and fill it with toys, books, costumes and other ludic materials that will allow them to dream and build a better future.

Migration is a permanent and growing dynamic, and in the face of an influx of migrants, the US and Mexican government agreed that all of those seeking asylum in the US have to remain in Mexico while their situation is processed. As a result, thousands of people have been left stranded in Northern Mexico, facing a lack of opportunities and other negative consequences. For children and youngsters, the situation is particularly bad, as they face many dangers and situations that risk their rights and wellbeing. Together, let’s make their stay in Mexico a safe a positive experience, not one marked by fear.

How we will use your donations:

With your help, we will build and equip a toy library inside a shelter for migrant and refugee children in the city of Tijuana. We will also use the money to provide educational agents and primary caretakers with the tools they need to operate the toy library and promote a safe and violence-free environment for the children. Each toy library is equipped with several kinds of toys (dolls, plushies, toy cars, toy kitchens, etc), costumes, wigs, puppets, books, board games, and other ludic materials specially designed for children.

We need your help to make this happen.

If you are currently unable to make an economic donation, don’t worry, You can still be part of this project by helping us spread the word with the rest of the world.

About us:

We design complex solutions by creating partnerships and implementing high-impact programs that target the lack of opportunities in every community with a focus on education, health, and financial stability. Fondo Unido-United Way México is an organization with 40 years of experience in social investment and is part of United Way Worldwide, a global network that offers a deep local knowledge to advance individual wellbeing for the strengthening of the collective success. You can learn more about us and our work on the following sites:





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