We are all MARIA: 10 Years Working for Social Justice

With your support, Fondo MARIA will continue accompanying women in their access to safe abortions.

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Gender Equality

Our story

We’re celebrating 10 years of trusting women and supporting their decisions! Since 2009, Fondo MARIA has provided financial, logistical, and emotional support to women so that they are able to access legal abortion services in Mexico City, the only part of the country where abortion is legal. We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary by raising resources so that we can continue to support more women!

Why it matters:

Women have abortions. They also have valuable life stories and plans for the future, and it is important to ensure that women are able to access safe, legal, and supportive abortion services. Over the past 10 years, Fondo MARIA has offered direct support to women that decide to have abortions, and we have learned that abortion can be a positive and empowering experience for women. It’s important for everyone to respect and contribute to women’s autonomy, which is why we’re proud to say We Are All MARIA!

We are hoping to raise at least USD$10,000 so that we can support approximately 100 women access safe and legal abortion care. Every dollar donated here will go directly to providing information and/or financial, logistical, and emotional support to women seeking safe abortions.

How will we put your donations to action?

Your donations will be used to cover the specific needs of each woman, including providing the following:

  • Financial and logistical support, such as covering transportation fees, lodging, procedure costs, food and/or medicine
  • Information about sexual and reproductive rights, birth control, and sexuality
  • Accompaniment and emotional support throughout the process

Why it matters:

In 2018, we supported 1,327 women during their abortion process:

  • 445 women received support for lodging, supplies, and/or meals when they were already in Mexico City to access abortion care.
  • 287 women received support so they could travel from their home states to Mexico City to access safe and legal abortion services.
  • 322 women received information about safe abortions.
  • 273 women received information about abortion services available in Mexico City.

With your donations, we will continue to provide support and access to safe abortion services, always centering the women we support.

Potential Challenges:

We recognize that not everyone is in a position where they are able to contribute financially. If this is true for you, please consider supporting our campaign by sharing on social media. Help us connect with your friends so that they can support our campaign and spread the word!

About us:

Fondo MARIA and its team are experts at supporting women during their abortion experiences:

  • We take advantage of the legal framework in Mexico City to support women from all over the country access safe and legal abortion services, offering support according to their specific needs.
  • We are experts at creating messages and resources that talk proudly about abortion
  • We work to transform the conversation surrounding abortion, highlighting women’s diverse experiences and spreading truthful and positive information about the right to choose in an effort to empower women to make decisions about their sexuality and reproduction, including abortion.
  • We are experts at analyzing and researching abortion, using our findings to advocate for public policies, regulations, and laws that benefit women and incorporate their experiences and realities. We actively mobilize resources to offer women access to safe abortions in Mexico and are dedicated to making reproductive justice a reality.



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