WE WANT TO LISTEN LIKE YOU. ¡Let’s shine together!

United for a new classroom of therapies for our brilliant patients with hearing problems. Let’s shine together.

Fundación Ayúdame a Escuchar Bárbara Nicolle


Our story

We want to listen just like you. Let’s shine together!

Thanks to
the therapies and the support provided, we have managed to implant several
people and we have taught to speak and listen with the hearing devices.

With what
we have managed to raise you can be part of enabling a new clinic and equip our
other clinics, this to perform therapies with the most up-to-date equipment.

priority is to support the entire Guatemalan population that suffers from
hearing problems.

About us?

Our Foundation Help Me Listen Bárbara Nicolle is the first
organization that formed the Implante Coclear program in Guatemala for private,
non-profit, humanitarian and comprehensive development that works for our
children, youth and adults. For its development in society.

Our services that we provide:

  • Implementation of cochlear implant operations.
  • Provide hearing aids.
  • Language therapies to all people who come to the Foundation
totally free.




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