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Latino Americans overwhelmingly voted against the politics of hate and division. Help us continue to build political power by investing in hope.

Mi Familia Vota

Civic Participation

Our story

For the 2016 Presidential Election, Mi Familia Vota registered over 91,000 voters. We knocked on 255,000 doors and made 175,000 calls. Mi Familia Vota had over 400 paid staff and activated approximately 950 volunteers, producing an estimated 2,850 hours of volunteer work on the campaign. In an election marked with so much hate, Latino American voters responded with overwhelming love for this democracy by voting in record numbers. We voted for our future, for the future of our children, for the promise of comprehensive immigration reform, for access to quality and affordable education for our children, for better salaries, for accessible healthcare for all, for voting rights, and for the environment. But for the future to be bright, we must continue to organize and find a way to unite. Building Latino political power isn’t dependent on an election. It happens everyday in communities across the country. Mi Familia Vota has built infrastructures on the ground to provide our communities with the tools to advocate for themselves during these uncertain times. We know that power isn’t centered in Washington DC, or even the White House, it is found with the people. As Latino Americans, we must reckon with what the results of this election mean for the future of our country. President-elect Donald Trump has threatened mixed status families with a massive deportation program that would cost nearly $900 billion in lost revenue over 10 years, according to the Center for American Progress. The movement we have created, the momentum that created record voter turnout, will continue with your support. Your support will make it possible for us to continue educating our community about how to engage with their democracy – we are Americans, too. We must hold our elected officials accountable to respect and defend the rights the Constitution guarantees to all.

Why it matters?

We are doing this because our community needs to be educated on how to engage with their democracy. We must hold our elected officials accountable to respect and defend the rights the Constitution guarantees us.

How will the funds be used?

Your donations will allow us to:

  • create educational materials for our community to know their rights
  • build capacity to do door-to-door outreach
  • coordinate community gatherings in the 14 cities Mi Familia Vota is present in
  • host public informational forums
  • create Public Service Announcements

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Pedro Leon delabarra

Soy originario de la Ciudad de México y llevo 4 años viviendo en DC. En esta elección mi esposa y yo fuimos a Raleigh, NC a ayudar los esfuerzos para sacar a la gente a votar. Me importa mucho trabajar con comunidades latinas y estoy disponible para colaborar con ustedes en la zona metropolitana de DC, en North Carolina o en otras partes del país. Gracias por sus esfuerzos.


Lorenzo Lambaren

Worthy cause. Every little bit counts...


Ruthann P Alderete




Marcus Escobedo


Katherine L Perdue


Barry Magid


Ashley Brennan


Kevin H Brewer


Daniel Nickerson




Michael Crews


Ramiro Guzman

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Juana Esquivel

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