Women Embroidering dreams and future

Fueling the power of indigenous and migrant women to protect life, use rights and lead social change.

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Women embroidering dreams and future
Mexico and the world need to acknowledge the contributions and power of women to generate social change and advance access to rights. But we are still far from it. Women, particularly in indigenous communities, perform both traditional and new roles without the same recognition nor retribution as men, and they are more vulnerable to human rights violations and to violence.

Since 2001, IIPSOCULTA facilitates educational processes and connects indigenous, artisan, farmer and migrant women that seek to promote their culture as a mean to express their emotions, as well as to advance access to rights and to better their economy. Through our precesses, these women better their skills to organize and lead community projects and other initiatives.
How can you help?

With your support as madrina or facilitator, we will strengthen nine community projects led by women: a chicken production farm, hadcrafts production cooperatives, candy production cooperatives, a community gymnasium, an indigenous language school and a traditional dance school.

All these project are led by women in indigenous and rural communities with the intention of promoting their culture, advance rights and better their economy

Also, with your support, we will facilitate the participation of these women in fairs and advocacy events to present their ideas, work and its products

With your support we will: 

  1. Match the funding of one of the nine community projects
  2. Facilitate the participation of women in fairs, exhibits, and advocacy local, national and international events
  3. Expand the promotion and merchandising of their products
  4. Fund educational workshops for the women member of the projects above described.



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