Strengthen entrepreneur’s leadership abilities to aid their transformative process in becoming agents of change.



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Miami are hosting this year for the fourth time in a row the Global Mentoring Walk in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 9, 2019)- in order to build a network of women leaders committed to advancing women’s leadership in Latin America and Caribbean- bringing together nearly 120+ women from around the city to participate.  Miami is joining to a global movement of 174 cities of 62 countries, sending the powerful message that women leaders around the world are giving back and investing in the next generation and women’s entrepreneurs around the globe.


This year we are leveraging the opportunity and WE need your Support and Generosity to carry on ONE YEAR LONG MENTORING PROGRAM for free for 30 of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs / mentees of the edition, in order to strengthening their opportunities, connections, capacities and & mentoring opportunities, for them to scale and evolve in their personal and professional life and pay it forward to the community.


The purpose is to strengthen entrepreneur’s leadership abilities to aid their transformative process in becoming agents of change.  WE will provide targeted skills development workshops, mentorships and educational trainings on gender equality and women empowerment, based on Vital Voices Leadership Model & the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world.

The project’s main goal is to strengthen entrepreneurs’ leadership by using a holistic approach for their personal and professional growth, focusing on their emotional development. The specific format is for 30 entrepreneurs’ combining weekly on line encounters, webinars, workshops, one-on-one mentoring/e-mentoring, trainings, speakers’ forums and conferences. Topics include: leadership, gender equality, personal empowerment, public speaking, media training, writing skills, personal branding, social media, self-care, spirituality, energy management among other themes. Methodologies used in the 12-month program include vision to action board and design and critical thinking. Participants will use diverse tools such as: the action planning worksheet and the goal setting worksheet, tools designed to aid in their learning process.
Entrepreneurs will be paired with a mentor that aligns with their personal and career goals and will sign a mentoring agreement. Our strategy is to partner with public and private institutions; work with community leaders to encourage entrepreneur’s to expand their reach. Mentees will have the opportunity to participate as MENTORS during the Vital Voices Miami Mentoring Walk in March 2020, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Through the program WE convene established women leaders to mentor emerging women leaders. Mentorship becomes a tool to build a new generation of leaders who could unlock some of the most pressing problems facing their communities.


The program is an opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s leadership, and to accelerate the impact of women leaders through mentoring, networking, training and visibility while they access to their full voice and true power.

As they advance in the program they discuss their professional challenges and successes and establish a mentoring relationship in which the seasoned leader guides, advises and supports her peer. Guided and site tours are also available and are received by leading organizations in the city of Miami.

The benefits of women’s mentorship are numerous. It establishes camaraderie, creates gender-friendly environments, promotes a stronger environment for women’s success, and expands horizons for further personal growth as you explore innovative leadership strategies.