Our project seeks to provide a security mean to prevent and safegauard Mexican women against violence and femicide.

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Our story



Help us prevent
 Mexican women from violence and femicide! Keep reading and discover how …


When I arrived in
 Mexico City I never thought that I would have to return with a black dress in 
my suitcase and my soul, if it exists, destroyed for my mother’s funeral. I
 came with the hope of attracting the case of my mother’s kidnapping to the PGR.
I came to knock on the doors of old acquaintances and friends to seek guidance in
 the investigation. My mother had been missing for 15 days and the UECS never 
investigated her possible kidnapping, even after having had the suspect in
their hands, the intellectual author, the person who committed the crime, which
they released, on two occasions!


My mother, deceived, 
was deprived of her freedom in a shopping center in Chihuahua city, on
 Wednesday, April 5 at 4:30 p.m. Two hours later, a man that my mother had cared
 for and protected as her own son, picked up his truck in the company of 4 other 
people and just like that, disappeared.


On Friday, April 7,
 there was a ransom call and then a call to collect the ransom. The crime was
already a kidnapping; however the UEAS, the prosecutor’s office and the state
 government denied it until the last moment. That same day, at 17:00 hours, the
 UEAS decided to let the killer go, claiming that they would follow him on his
phone, small problem, they never gave him his phone or they followed him.
”He’s gone”, acknowledged the director of UEAS in front of my family.


They believed the
 victimizer and victimized my mother and my family a thousand times. They suggested
 that my mother would appear somewhere, “taking a coconut on the beach”, 
they investigated our accounts, our medical profiles, our passports and visas,
our telephone behavior; and yet, NEVER, NEVER investigated the suspect, EVER.

They discarded videos, 
tests, calls, did not investigate telephone records; basically they were determined 
into proving their preconceived theory. And when they did not find anything,
 they opted for the rumor, the leaks, the transcended, as if my family were not 
people, we were not victims, as if we did not suffer the loss, they delved into 
our lives and finding nothing, their last option: the “lady had to be a
whore”, because of course, that sold and exonerated.

Why do all the women
 who disappear have to be whores or did they look for it? As I saw it, I read it
and learned it when dealing with victims of missing persons. How I experienced
it today. It is always easier to discredit the victimized woman.


The outcome: the murderers
on the loose, teacher Matilde Gil Herrera, appeared with a bullet in her body,
with signs of having fought for her life. Buried in a hole in a vacant lot, her
truck burned and our family: destroyed, trying to rebuild us, to find ourselves
 dressed in black.


There are more stories
like these, of women who have been victims of violence, some survive, and
others may not even know what happened to them.


We do not want this to
 continue happening. We seek to use technology and connectivity as a means of 
education and protection for women, to alert and prevent gender-based violence
 through an active community.


In the application 
that with your donation we can develop, we want to  create: a user registry, emergency network
 (family and friends), panic button, geolocation with real-time map, google maps
 where the user can indicate safe or unsafe places, connection to 911 for help,
 connection with the Attorney General’s Office to inform online, send alert
 messages for family members enrolled in the application, community forums (with
topics, about: safety tips, infographics, videos, predetermined question naires, 
how can I know if … I have been abused ?, legal assistance information).


With your donation,
 help us create a safe and violence-free environment for Mexican women and
 girls! If you do not want these stories to repeat, donate now!




Simon Rowell

Good luck with the project. I hope you can find some meaning out of such a terrible situation.


Vinicio Gomez Estrada

Great success w app & project!


Enrique Olvera Alvarado

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