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Our story

77% of U.S. Latinos are overweight or obese.

23% of Latino families in the United States live in poverty.

In the United States the Latino  community has the highest number  of people living without health insurance.

It is our mission to promote social change and health equity in the Boulder community. 

Many Latino families in Boulder lack access to clean drinking water, healthy food, and opportunities to participate in recreational activities and this is a huge barrier to healthy living.

Although Boulder boasts of a high quality of life for many of its residents, disparities exist among our community. Our Latino residents generally experience poorer overall health such as diabetes and obesity. Access to quality healthcare for mental and physical ailments results in a lower life expectancy. Lack of access to clean drinking water, healthy food, and opportunities to participate in recreational activities are barriers to health for many Latino families in Boulder. Our three major concerns within our community within Boulder county are Obesity, Diabetes, and Mental Health

The “Promotoras de Salud” are leaders who are trained and deployed by AMISTAD to educate their peers about healthy living and promoting integral well-being. They are agents advocating for social change in favor of equity in health and a healthy lifestyle. The “Promotoras de Salud” are recognized by the community for their ability to provide information about health and integral well-being through meetings, group conversations and activities with the purpose of promoting a just, active and healthy community.

Promotoras de Salud are trained community health workers who are prepared to take on many roles depending on the needs of the community. They are uniquely qualified to work within their communities to address health disparities by strengthening existing community ties and serving as liaisons between the health and social systems.

The Promotoras de Salud model is an innovative public health approach to support and improve the health and quality of life for Latinos in Boulder. There is a National movement to integrate community health worker models into our systems of health and is supported by the American Public Health Association.

Our Results

In 2016 with only two Promotoras we were able to impact 640 people.

In 2017 we grew to ten Promotoras and were able to impact 3,200 people in the Boulder community.

In 2018 we plan to grow both the number of people we are able to impact in the Boulder community and the number of Promotoras.

If we are to reach our donation goal we will be hiring an additional four Promotoras de Salud that will be trained to educated the community about healthy living and improve health equity. With these four more Promotoras we hope to make a difference in an additional 1,280 lives.




Gracias por el increíble trabajo que Promotoras de Salud hacen en nuestra comunidad. Thank you for the incredible work that Promotoras de Salud do in our community


Hannah Bick


Shigemi Dooley

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