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Organización de Trabajadoras Sexuales


Our story

Organization of Sex Workers of the Dominican Republic OTRASEX

OTRASEX is an organization of women sex workers, which arises under the need to continue the work that had been carried out from another organization on the problems of sex workers in the country, but with a renewed approach and adjusted to the principles that have summoned us From our beginnings, the fight for more human and labor rights for women sex workers in the Dominican Republic.

As members of OTRASEX, we have been doing a close job with our peers to promote the State and citizens in general, recognize our rights (labor, political, sexual and reproductive, gender, economic and cultural), addressing different issues that cause our life passes between stigma and discrimination. In that sense, it is the precarious conditions of our doing, which we want to modify. For this, we have organized ourselves, to spread our voice to the different instances and for our partners to find in OTRASEX, an organization that will fulfill the mission and objectives for which it was created.

For us it is of great importance since it would help to continue training and you donors would be part of our achievements.

With this campaign, we will continue to carry out our training activities, workshops and awareness-raising.

The contributions that you make donors will be of benefit to our peers since through neutral activities they are trained, their support with the donation would be yours.

About us

We are an organization that watches over the Human and Labor rights of sex workers, which in our country are highly discriminated against because of the work we do.

Other ways to help

  • Spread the word on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in Otrasex
  • Be official campaign ambassador
  • You can donate in kind or do volunteer work.