Workshops for artisan women of Talpa de Allende

In Talpa de Allende, chilte crafts are at risk of getting lost.

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In Talpa de Allende, Jal. A unique craft is generated in the world: the chilte.

The chilte is extracted from the sap of the Chicozapote or chilte tree and with this a moldable paste is created, very similar to chewing gum, with which beautiful crafts of all sizes and colors are created.

Why do we ask for your help? In Mexico, popular art is in a fragile stage, many techniques and crafts are at risk of being lost because young people and new generations are not interested in devoting themselves to crafts.

The reality of women dedicated to the creation of artisan pieces is increasingly difficult, since, in addition to being housewives and family support, they are the ones that retain the knowledge of traditional techniques and in many cases have great difficulties to to be able to continue with their offices, among them, the lack of adequate work spaces and the lack of support to commercialize, which puts them in a situation of vulnerability.

In the case of Talpa de Allende, the majority of people who work in chilte handicrafts are women, who learned the trade from an early age and are anxious to transmit their knowledge to the new generations in order to achieve that This craftsmanship will last.

What we want to achieve with this project is to get the support to be able to grant a year of workshops to ensure that the women of Talpa continue with a space to teach and transmit their knowledge to artisans to perfect their technique and to young people who wish to learn about this amazing crafts.

  • With $ 10 we will get support materials (brishes, vegetable paint, lacquers)
  • With $ 100 we will get the raw material (chilte) for a week
  • With $ 250 we will be able to pay fees to artisan teachers for three classes
  • With $ 500 we can get support materials for the year of workshops

A great opportunity for the students of these workshops would be for their pieces to participate in the Annual Chilte Handicraft Contest and for the pieces created in these workshops to be exhibited at the end of the year at an event at the Museum of Popular Art, in the City from Mexico.

All donations add up.

The Association of Friends of MAP AC, founded in 1999, has the mission of promoting and disseminating the appreciation of Mexican artisan work and the appreciation of popular art at national and international levels, as well as supporting the work of the Museum of Popular Art of the Mexico City.







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