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Independence is the final objective for integral development for people with DS.

The¨ Independent life program¨ of Fundacion Margarita Tejada is designed with this as its ultimate goal:  To be an educational program that promotes professional, social, verbal and non-verbal communication abilities for young adults with DS.

Adults and youth from 14 years of age start participating in this program, in a 5 day a week schedule from 8:00 till 2:00 pm. They learn basic professional abilities to be able to continue in their professional inclusive path. In actuality we have cooking workshops, bakery, jewelry, gardening, wax candle elaboration, sewing workshop, office work and more.  Also, our activities help young adults to reinforce their identity and self-esteem; We are able to go along with them in their physical, emotional and behavioral  transformation process that are normal in their age range, trying to provide support and orientation to all family members.

How can you help us? One of our principal objectives is to be able to fully equip the bakery workshop and distribute all products that are elaborated in it. Your support is very important so we can achieve this goal as currently it is not working to its maximum capacity due to lack of specific machinery.

About us: If you want to know more about what we do and all our programs please visit www.fundacionmargaritatejada.org

Guatemala Gives : November 27th , A DAY TO GIVE

This November 27th is GIVING TUESDAY; Please give your support to people with DS so they can achieve their goals. Fundacion TIGO will provide matching funds to all organizations that receive any donation that day.

Your donation will be matched in the following scheduele:


12 pm



The donations made in that specific schedule will be matched by HIPGive until all donations reach the maximum limit.

The maximum amount of authorized match fund will not exceed $1000 USD.




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