Your Best Gift: My Education

On this Thanksgiving and Christmas we invite you to give the best gift.

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Your best gift: my education

A truly and happy childhood, can be lived when there is more and better opportunity. For that reason, during this Thanks Giving and Christmas season, we want you to be part of 100 children´s development, at Libre Infancia for this next 2020. Giving #YourBestGiftMyEducation, you are assuring their education for the next school year. 

Why is important:

The education is the foundation to break the cycle of poverty in which the families from the landfill, in zone 3. Improve the opportunities of the children and youth, providing the technological personal skills and the English language training as indispensable tools, it will allow them to be professionally competitive in any scope of action. 

Libre Infancia, with the support of other people and companies, has the background to had 13 high schoolers graduated in 2009, with studies in science and letters. Part of our vision   is to keep contributing to the completion of the studies of the children and youth, in the landfill area.

How we will put your donations into action? 

With the money raised in this #GivingTuesday, it will be possible invest in the enrollment and first monthly payment of our 100 children, from first grade to eighth grade, for the next 2020. The cost of each initial package is 50.00US$, you can even donate from 5.00US$.

About of our organization:

For 28 years we have had provide help to the families of this area, creating community holistic development programs with our children and their families. Libre Infancia is an Association who look up to alliances and partners inside and outside of Guatemala, to fulfill our vision of support and develop the families in risk situation, surrounded by a hostile environment, violence, outcast, exposed to drugs and alcohol, gangs, delinquency and drug trafficking, in the landfill in zone 3 in Guatemala City.  





May God multiple your efforts!



May God shine His light upon Guatemala!


Otto Alvarez

Creemos en la educación de los niños, somos los primeros en decir SI!




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